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A woman’s overall health and well-being at any age includes the capacity to have an active and fulfilling sex life. It is fundamental and non-negotiable. As a trained gynecologist and a leader in cosmetic gynecology, Dr. Wesley Brady understands the common barriers and physical impediments that can limit a woman’s sexual health. One of these inhibitions involves the clitoral hood, which serves as a protective shield over a woman’s primary erogenous zone: the clitoris.Some women, due to genetics, pregnancy or hormone use develop an overly large bulky and redundant clitoral hood. While every clitoral hood is unique, just like every woman is unique, some women may benefit from a clitoral hood reduction, also known as a clitoral unhooding, or clitoral hoodectomy.

Dr. Brady is an expert in clitoral hood reduction and clitoropexy, often performed in combination with labiaplasty. As the most experienced cosmetic gynecology specialist in Dallas, she is a certified fellow of the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and has performed this procedure for thousands of women requesting greater comfort and more confidence in their intimate appearance.

What is a Clitoral Hood Reduction?

A clitoral hood reduction is a thirty-minute outpatient surgical procedure performed while the patient is under local or general anesthesia. During this procedure, the excess folds of tissue covering the clitoris are reduced. This improves access to the clitoris and creates a trimmer appearance. Neither the clitoris, nor the clitoral nerves are altered or disturbed.

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What are the Benefits of Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The clitoris is the only human organ with the single purpose of providing sexual pleasure, and it is much larger than most people realize. The clitoris has 15,000 nerve endings across the pelvic area, 8,000 of which are located in the tip of the clitoris, called the clitoral glans. The clitoral hood covers and protects the sensitive clitoris glans from excess friction, the absence of which can cause soreness, redness, and inflammation. When a woman is engaging in sexual activity and the clitoris enlarges with stimulation, the clitoral hood should naturally move aside, contributing to a woman’s propensity to achieve orgasm. However, a large, bulky clitoral hood may not move aside easily, making it difficult for a woman to feel the sensations during stimulation. This may prevent a woman from reaching climax without manually retracting the excess clitoral hood, significantly inhibiting her sexual gratification. A clitoral hood reduction can relieve a woman of these challenges by increasing exposure of the clitoris, enabling her to reach orgasm more easily, enhancing her satisfaction and sexual health and wellness.While no clitoral hood size, large or small, is abnormal, due to their large clitoral hood some women experience discomfort while wearing tight-fitting clothing. A clitoral hood reduction may relieve a woman of this discomfort. Women also choose clitoral hood reduction for cosmetic reasons. A clitoral hood reduction for both these reasons – comfort and cosmetic – are often done in conjunction with labiaplasty.

Am I a Candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Are you challenged with difficulty in reaching orgasm as a result of limited access to your clitoris? Is your clitoral hood bulging out in tight clothing and are you experiencing irritation? Do you have a lack of sexual confidence because of the visual appearance of your clitoral hood? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be a candidate for a clitoral hood reduction. If you have any of these issues and want to achieve a more confident and fulfilling sex life, then we suggest a consultation with Dr. Brady at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas to learn how we can help.

What is the Difference Between Clitoral Hood Reduction and Labiaplasty?

A clitoral hood reduction is solely a reduction of the tissue surrounding and covering the clitoris. Labiaplasty, on the other hand, corrects bilateral labial hypertrophy diagnosed when the labia minora (inner lips) hang down beyond the labia majora (outer lips). In our experience approximately 95% of women with bilateral labial hypertrophy also have excess clitoral hood tissue. Combining labiaplasty with a clitoral hood reduction creates a neat, streamlined intimate aesthetic many women request.

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Are There Any Risks Associated with Clitoral Hood Reduction?

While clitoral hood reduction is overall a safe, quick, outpatient surgical procedure, any surgery carries the risk of infection, bleeding, hematoma, nerve damage, keloid scars and poor aesthetic results. This is precisely why it is imperative that women choose a highly experienced and thoroughly qualified gynecologic cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Brady.

What is the Recovery Time After Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Post-procedure, patients may experience bruising, discomfort, and swelling. Most patients are able to return to desk activity after 1-2 days of icing and rest. Within 3-4 days the patient should be able to return to light activities. This is something that Dr. Brady can discuss with you at your consultation at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas.

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Every woman deserves the optimal sexual wellness and to live a life of great sexual health. Clitoral Hood Reduction may help some women experience increased pleasure during intercourse, increase physical comfort, and improve the vaginal aesthetic. Explore more about Clitoral Hood Reduction with Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. Fill out the form below or contact us by phone at 214-347-7234.

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