Ohhh My! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The O-Shot

Yep, we said it. There’s a procedure called the “O Shot”, and it addresses exactly what you think – orgasms. But here’s why it’s actually important: one in 20 women experience Female Orgasmic Disorder.  Specifically, this is when a woman can achieve arousal but has much difficulty climaxing.  This often leads to a frustration that causes them to avoid sex altogether, and thus can impact their relationships with their partners and even their own personal well being.  Contrary to what some would like to believe, most women enjoy sex (and of course, orgasms), and we are in a time when this fact is being talked about and acknowledged – finally!

So, what is the O Shot?  In short, it’s an in-office procedure that’s virtually painless and is used to, as you may have guessed, enhance sexual pleasure and orgasms.  Using special growth factors isolated from the patient’s own blood.  Then, using a very thin needle, the treatment is injected back into the clitoris and upper vagina (the area most important for the sexual response).  On average, women repeat the procedure every 18 months, but for some, the results can last up to three years.

For many O Shot recipients, the procedure has been life-changing.  Their relationships are stronger, they are finding pleasure in sex again, and both they and their partners are noticing an elevation in their confidence because they are feeling sexy again!

At the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we recognize and dedicate ourselves to the importance of a woman’s vitality and sexual health.  We applaud women for reclaiming their sex lives – and reclaiming it with empowerment and pride.  Dr. Brady is pleased to offer the O Shot procedure to women who are proper candidates.  If you are experiencing difficulty with climaxing or arousal, we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Contact us today to get started to a healthier, happier sex life!

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