How Long Does it Take for BioTE to Start Working?

Thousands of Dallas women deal with the effects of hormonal imbalance every day. They suffer from a lower sex drive, discomfort during intercourse, less energy, and weight gain. Hormonal changes aren’t the same for everyone. In fact, many patients seek help from Dr. Brady when they are just entering menopause, while others finally decide enough is enough after years of challenges.

At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, Dr. Brady helps women address changes in hormone levels with The BioTE Program. This amazing medical approach balances hormones with bioidentical, all-natural pellet hormones made from plants, not in a factory. BioTE has proven effective at restoring women’s energy, improving their sleep, ridding them of unwanted weight, and renewing their sex drive.

Oftentimes, women visit Dr. Brady for an initial BioTE consultation with one big question; “How long does it take for BioTE to start working?” After all, hormone imbalance isn’t fun, and a speedy remedy is definitely preferred. Keep reading, and we will discuss a little more about BioTE and answer this frequently asked question.

When Will I Notice Results?

The BioTE Program utilizes very small hormone pellets, which are customized to the needs of each individual patient. Because every woman is different, and every woman’s hormonal needs vary, the time it will take to see the effects of BioTE cannot be summed up in one quick answer. Some women will notice changes within four weeks, while other women may notice a change in only a few days.

Changes may also be subtle and not be as noticeable, to begin with. For example, you may wake up with more energy as the days pass and notice you have an overall improved disposition. But as you reach optimal hormonal levels, you will begin to recognize an overall improvement in the way you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Most women (approximately 75%) experience optimal hormone levels after the first BioTE pellet placement. However, if you do not reach your ideal level after the first placement, Dr. Brady will place an additional BioTE pellet free of charge. After she has confirmed that you have reached your optimal levels, you will return to Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas every 3-6 months to receive another BioTE treatment. On average, women return every 4 months for their pellet placement.

Why Choose BioTE?

The BioTE Program only uses hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally found in the human body. This bioidentical approach reduces unwanted side effects and decreases the risks of heart attacks, stroke and breast cancer compared to synthetic hormones. Each pellet is specifically designed to meet the exact needs of each individual patient, and are inserted painlessly, just under the skin on the hips. The pellet then dissolves into the body and maintains consistent hormone levels for women, while preventing the hot flashes, night flashes and emotional mood swings they previously suffered from.

Dr. Brady Can Bring Balance Back to Your Life

With almost 20 years of experience and having performed hundreds of BioTE treatment procedures for women, Dr. Brady is the best choice for your hormone therapy needs. She is board-certified and is the only female cosmetic gynecologic surgeon in the Dallas area. She and her all female staff are uniquely qualified to help you because they understand what you are going through.

To learn more about how hormone therapy and BioTE can help turn your life around, call Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas today at 214-347-7234 to book your initial consultation.

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