Skincare For Your Vagina: Why We Do It and Why Women Love It

These days, our nether regions are receiving a lot of overdue attention and care.  Waxing and grooming are nothing new (if not the norm by now), and procedures like vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty are definitely becoming more common.  But what about skin care for your lady parts?  Yes, it’s definitely a thing.

With a major focus on wellness, health and stellar self care, we are all conscious of what habits and lifestyle choices fuel our bodies, minds – and beauty. As a whole, many of us wish to represent our best selves and maintain the youth and vibrancy we feel inside.  We’re eating better, working out regularly, and diligent with our sunscreen and skin care routines.  Simply put, we’re taking better care of ourselves to promote health and confidence.  Why should our lady parts take a back seat in all this self love?  After all, we like to feel confident in our bathing suits and in the bedroom!

At our Dallas practice for women, we have regular requests for solutions to “beautify” the vaginal area.  We see it so frequently, in fact, that vaginal skin care is a permanent part of our practice.  So, what are the women of Dallas doing “down there” and why?  Here’s the scoop…

One of the more common treatments we perform are vaginal peels to lighten the skin.  We often combine this treatment with a specially compounded bleaching cream to use in between treatments.  Like many skin care treatments for the face, it’s recommended to have a series of peels (usually six to eight), and patients can expect to see 50-60% lightening.

For a more aggressive approach, we offer a laser resurfacing procedure.  This procedure requires only a single treatment.  Because it is a more aggressive treatment, vaginal laser resurfacing takes about 6 weeks for recovery and healing.

So, gals, whether it’s a skin care plan or a more invasive procedure such as labiaplasty or nothing at all, we think everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin and confident with their bodies!  If there’s something that has bothered you, address it and go for it!  You won’t regret it.

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