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Foot surgery post falls

Foot surgery post falls

OSSM is a top-rated treatment center for foot surgery in Post Falls with a panel of highly skilled and experienced orthopedic doctors. We offer the highest level of medical care to our patients in a high-end treatment facility with physical therapy and post-operative care.

Common types of foot surgery

The foot and ankle are two complex areas in the body. Some of the common types of foot and ankle surgeries include:

  1. Metatarsal foot surgery - There is a group of small joints in your forefoot that can become arthritic. This type of arthritis leads to inflammation, pain, and discomfort. While there are a variety of options to control the pain, surgery is the only permanent option to help you walk comfortably once again.
  2. Bunions foot surgery - Bunions occur at the bottom of the big toe and are bony lumps that can cause severe pain and discomfort. Surgery for this condition involves performing an osteotomy, where your surgeon will straighten the big toe and the metatarsals.
  3. Hammertoe foot surgery - hammertoe is yet another painful condition that can improve with arthroplasty or an arthrodesis procedure. Both procedures help restore the joint flexibility and involve the removal of the deformed joint between the toes.

We are a leading clinic for foot surgery in Post Falls, and we specialize in performing a broad spectrum of foot procedures like plantar fasciitis foot surgery, ankle surgeries, Achilles tendon disorders, Morton's neuroma foot surgery, etc. We also help patients get back on their feet with our physical therapy services and post-operative care.

How to know if you need foot surgery?

While your doctor's initial treatment approach for most foot problems would be "conservative" management, in some cases, you may need surgical intervention. In cases where you suffer from an unbearable level of pain or deformity, surgery may be the most appropriate course of action to help you overcome discomfort, pain, and improve mobility. 

For instance, for a condition like a bunion, your doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to fix your deformity fast.

Besides, patients suffering from conditions like a hammertoe, neuroma, bone spurs, and bunionette may need surgery if conservative care measures don't yield promising results. Meet with a skilled orthopedic surgeon to determine if whether your condition requires surgery.

Treatment options for torn foot ligaments

Torn ligaments can occur in individuals who dance or snowboard or engage in complex physical activities or sporting activities. It can lead to severe pain, bruising, inflammation, and tenderness. The treatment for a torn ligament depends on the severity of your injury. Minor to moderate tears (grade 1 and 2 ligament tear) automatically heals itself in 6-8 weeks with a splint or foot cast. For severe ligament tears and grade 3 sprains, foot surgery may be the only treatment option.

Schedule an appointment with our highly sought-after orthopedic surgeons at OSSM for foot surgery post falls. Call us at (208) 262-0156 or visit ossmidaho.com/contact/ for more details.

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