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Why labiaplasty has spread in popularity like wildfire is easy to understand if you are a woman. In today’s day in age, an extraordinary amount of pressure is put on women to look perfect all of the time. While in reality, women understand that this demand is unreasonable, but that doesn’t prevent countless women from trying anything they can to improve their appearance. Some women are insecure about their weight or height, but there are some women that find themselves feeling insecure about the appearance of their labia.

Why Women Decide to Get a Labiaplasty

A woman’s labia is the skin that can be found at the opening of the vagina. Just like breasts or any other body part, a labia can come in all shapes and sizes. As a result of pregnancies, the aging process, and genetics, it is possible for the labia on a woman’s body to begin to have a saggy appearance. The development of sagging in the labia is not unnatural or something to be ashamed of, but many women find this issue to be embarrassing. Some women feel less confident about their bodies and their sexualities due to the size of their labia.

How Much Does it Cost for Labiaplasty?

The cost of a labiaplasty procedure can vary from clinic to clinic. For the best possible price on this service, women are urged to turn to our team at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. At our facility, you will be under the care of Dr. Brady, who is not only an expert in this type of procedure, but she is also a certified member of the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Women who are interested in this procedure from our team of professionals can expect to pay anywhere from three thousand dollars to eight thousand five hundred dollars. The reason there is such a gap in the possible price is that the number of pre-opt and post-opt appointments factor into the overall cost. Financing options are available at our facility.

How Dangerous is Labiaplasty?

As with any surgical procedure where a patient is put under anesthesia, there is a small risk associated with pursuing this type of cosmetic course of action. There is very little risk of injury or death when you put your trust in our team at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. The most common question women have about this procedure is, “are you awake during labiaplasty?” Since this is a surgical procedure, patients are put under general anesthesia. In some cases, patients can have the surgery performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia. Either way, a patient is unconscious during this procedure for their own safety and comfort.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Labiaplasty?

Women can expect to need at least two or three days before they can get back to their typical routine. However, patients will need to not only take it easy after their surgery, but will have to take special care of themselves. Patients should avoid baths, tampons, and exercise for at least two to three weeks before proceeding with the approval of our doctors.


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