5 Vaginoplasty Recovery Tips

At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, Dr. Brady and her staff offer women from all over the country and around the world a chance to seek help for various conditions unique to womanhood. One of the most common procedures she performs is vaginoplasty. Not only can vaginal childbirth stretch and loosen the vagina, but age and genetics can also cause women to suffer from a wide vagina that robs them of simple acts such as the use of tampons, and from more important things like sexual intimacy with their partner.

Vaginoplasty can help in so many ways, and if this is a procedure you’ve been considering, you’ll need to know how to prepare for your recovery. Dr. Brady and her team will provide you with specific instructions after your procedure, but today we want to give you 5 quick tips to help during your vaginoplasty recovery:

1. Rest
The most important thing Dallas women can do during their vaginoplasty recovery is rest. Before your procedure, clear your calendar at for at least a week of all social and work requirements. Dr. Brady also recommends her patients call in help from friends or family members. While you’re resting, you will need help around the house with your children, meals, or cleaning. Try not to be Super Woman during your recovery. Let your body rest and take time for yourself.

2. No Heavy Lifting
As much as you want to pick up and hold your children or feel like there’s just a small load of laundry to do in the days following your vaginoplasty, don’t attempt either. Lifting anything over 10 pounds could put undue pressure on your pelvic floor and cause increased discomfort and negatively affect the surgical outcome. Like we said above, let others provide help during this time and protect your body.

3. Keep The Surgical Site Clean
Keeping your surgical site clean while you are recovering from vaginoplasty is very important. Make sure you to wash your hands before and after you tend to your vaginal area. When washing your vagina, be sure to wipe from front to back in order to avoid contaminating the area.

4. Abstain From Sexual Activity
Just like women are required to abstain from sexual intercourse after childbirth, Dr. Brady will also require sexual abstinence for 6 weeks after your vaginoplasty, unless she instructs otherwise. Dallas patients will be on complete pelvic rest, which also includes the use of tampons during your monthly cycle as well as oral sex and anal sex. Be careful to follow this tip to ensure you get the optimal results you want from your procedure.

5. Avoid Vigorous Physical Activity
Dallas women who have had a vaginoplasty should avoid activities that could put undue pressure and strain on their vagina. Activities such as high-intensity exercise, cycling, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, and jet ski riding should be avoided during recovery. Be sure to speak with Dr. Brady before resuming any of these activities to ensure your body has healed well.

Dr. Brady Can Help

With almost 20 years of experience, and as the only female board-certified cosmetic gynecologist surgeon in the area, Dr. Brady offers women a safe space to explore their options for restoring their sexual health and improving their lives. At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, her patients benefit from vaginoplasty performed by a cosmetic gynecologic surgeon and the support of an all-female staff. Let Dr. Brady and her team help you!

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