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C-section Scar Treatment


One in three babies in the United States is born by Caesarean delivery, or “C-section.” While some C-section scars are barely detectible beneath the bikini line, others are more traumatic to a woman’s abdomen. Differences in incision site, healing or obstetric surgical complications can worsen the appearance of scars. C-section scars vary widely in appearance, depending on the circumstances of surgery and recovery. While some are horizontal, relatively narrow, and flat to the skin, others can be vertical, several inches in length, dark red in color and/or raised an inch or more above the abdomen. Though scars themselves are neither harmful nor painful, many patients wish to reduce their visibility.

How are C-Section Scars Treated?

Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas offers treatment for C-section scars to all women who wish to reduce their visibility with a combination of CO2 fractional laser and Morpheus8. The laser treatments resurface the skin to eliminate superficial scar tissue, and concentrate beams of light to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. Meanwhile, Morpheus8 treats the deeper scar tissue up to 8mm beneath the skin using radiofrequency energy with microneedling. This combination helps to reduce and minimize the traumatic appearance of C-section scars, and encourages new tissue growth that is aesthetically superior in texture, color and appearance.

While no therapy can make a scar invisible, most patients report smoother, less visible C-section scars after treatment. Many women also report a decrease in irritation from raised scars rubbing against clothing. While results are most dramatic for women treating fresh C-section scars, which respond best to fractional CO2 laser treatment and Morpheus8, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas has successfully treated C-section scars of widely various ages, sizes, and skin types.

What to Expect With C-Section Scar Treatment?

C-section scar treatments are comfortably performed in our boutique MedSpa environment on an outpatient basis. With this non-surgical approach, patients experience minimal discomfort and can return to their regular daily activities immediately. Optimal aesthetic results are achieved with once-monthly treatments for three or more months depending on the severity of the C-section scar.

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