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For most couples, optimizing sexual health and wellness can be the key to a successful, thriving, and happy relationship. Sexual health can be an essential part of a woman’s overall wellness when she successfully balances the physical, psychological, and hormonal factors to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

At the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we specialize in helping women achieve the most fulfilled and empowered versions of themselves. To do this, we provide personalized health and wellness care to patients in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. Led by Dr. Wesley Anne Brady, the only female cosmetic gynecologist in Dallas, our team is prepared to help you optimize your sexual health in our private, boutique environment utilizing the highest-quality procedures for intimate wellness.

Sexual Health Procedures at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

Sexual health complaints may be linked to a number of concerns that our procedures can treat. Dr. Brady and her expert team offer the following non-invasive treatment options to improve sexual health and wellness for our patients:

  • O-Shot is a quick, painless procedure to improve sensitivity and lubrication to the sexual tissues, allowing women to achieve climax more easily and more often.
  • G-Shot is a small injection of collagen filler that’s placed inside the vagina into the G-spot to increase surface area resulting in increased stimulation during sex.
  • Intimate Lightening achieves a lighter and more even skin tone using a combination of in-office treatments and medical-grade skincare products.
  • Vampire Wing Lift®/Labial Puff is a non-surgical treatment that uses a combination of dermal filler and platelet-rich plasma that is placed into the labia to add volume and restore a plump, youthful aesthetic.
  • EmpowerRF is a series of treatments that uses a combination of radio-frequency energy, microneedling, and electrical muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor and rejuvenate the vaginal tissue for non-surgical vaginal tightening.
  • VTone is a non-invasive treatment that helps to tone and train muscles of the pelvic floor to reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence, improve bladder control, and increase sexual sensation.
  • Votiva/ThermiVa utilizes radiofrequency technology to gently heat up tissue, stimulating collagen production in both the vaginal canal and the vulva, creating a firmer, plumper and more elastic skin quality.
  • MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Dryness Treatment is a treatment that delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal tissues, increasing collagen, blood flow, and moisture to reduce symptoms of vaginal dryness.
  • Lichen Sclerosus Treatment is a combination of different treatment modalities, including fractional CO2 energy, Microneedling RF, Exosomes, and PRP, which can be used to reduce occurrence and improve symptoms.
  • Emfemme utilizes radiofrequency technology to gently heat up tissue, stimulating collagen production in both the vaginal canal and the vulva, creating a firmer, plumper, and more elastic skin quality.
  • Aviva Scarless Labiaplasty is a non-surgical reduction of the elongated labia minora tissue recommended for mild to moderate symptoms.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation is a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures to restore a youthful appearance to the vagina, enhance sexual function, and treat urinary incontinence.

To find out which procedure may be right for you, click here to schedule a consultation with us today.

What Are Common Sexual Health Issues Women Struggle With?

Studies show that approximately 43% of women will suffer from female sexual dysfunction throughout their lifetime. That’s why, at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we provide easy access to treatments that can help address sexual health concerns in patients both safely and effectively. The most common female sexual wellness complaints include:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal disorder
  • Orgasmic disorder
  • Sexual pain disorder

Why Choose Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, Dr. Brady and our highly experienced team are dedicated to providing patients with safe, customized treatment programs to achieve a patient’s sexual health and wellness goals. Whether you are suffering from painful intercourse, difficulty achieving climax, decreased libido, or hormonal fluctuations, our practice offers every technology available in the field of Cosmetic Gynecology to improve our patients’ lives. We offer a dedicated, all-female staff to help guide you through each step of the process. We are women helping women achieve optimal sexual health and well-being.

During your initial consultation with our practice, we will collect a full medical history, discuss your sexual health concerns and goals in detail, and perform a specialized exam focusing on your chief complaint. Based on these findings, a customized treatment plan will be provided and reviewed. Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas offers every type of vaginal laser treatment available, as well as radiofrequency technology, PRP, electronic muscle stimulation, and electromagnetic energy, among others. 

Sexual Health FAQ’s

Q: What Is Sexual Health?

A: According to The World Health Organization, sexual health can be defined as the state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in how it relates to sexuality and sexual experiences. While sexual health may also refer to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases or sexual dysfunction, it can also involve the well-being of a person’s outlook on sexual experiences, relationships, and the ability or circumstances to have safe, pleasurable sex.

Q: What Is the Importance of Sexual Health?

A: Sexual health can be more important than many people realize. Sexual health often impacts the way many relationships exist and grow. Couples, marriages, families, and children may all be affected if the sexual health of one or more partners is off-balance. Ensuring that your sexual health is in balance can help improve the pleasurability of your sexual experiences as well as increase your self-confidence. Feeling safe and confident about your sexual health may also lead to a more balanced mental health outlook, lifestyle, and improved mood.

Schedule a Consultation for Sexual Health Treatments in Dallas, TX

To learn more about female sexual health and function, or to inquire about any of our procedures, schedule a consultation with us today by clicking here. With a convenient office location in the heart of Dallas, Dr. Brady and our team at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas are proud to serve patients in Dallas, TX, and its surrounding areas. To learn more, call 214-347-7234 to reach a member of our team.

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"I loved the care and attentiveness Dr. Brady and her staff showed me throughout the entire process. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I could not be happier! I am beyond satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Brady and her staff to anyone looking for 5 star service with a strong female vibe."

– C.B. Dallas, TX


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