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Childbirth, aging and gynecologic disease may result in some unwanted changes to the area between the anus and the vagina. Known as the perineum, this area can bulge, sag, and sustain significant damage and scarring. A perineoplasty is one way for women to correct these deformities to improve the look and function of the vagina.

What Are the Benefits of Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty is the gold standard surgical procedure to tighten a saggy, loose and gaping vaginal opening. The initial and most visible benefit patients note is the tight, youthful aesthetic appearance of the vaginal area. In addition, perineoplasty returns the vaginal opening to the pre-baby diameter (usually 2 finger-widths) allowing women to appreciate more friction, increased muscle tone and control with enhanced sexual satisfaction. Finally, many women request perineoplasty to stop vaginal airflow and resultant noises they notice with intercourse (queefing), yoga or walking.

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Who Is a Candidate for Perineoplasty?

The best candidates for perineoplasty are women who have:

  • Delivered one or more children vaginally
  • A gaping and relaxed vaginal opening
  • A partner who falls out during intercourse
  • Tampons which do not remain in place
  • Vaginal air movement during intercourse (queefing), yoga, walking or exercise

What Does Perineoplasty Cost?

The cost of a perineoplasty will vary based on a patient’s physical exam including vaginal laxity measurements, documentation of vaginal muscle tone, vaginal health index and the presence of pelvic organ prolapse, as well as surgical goals. Most patients choose to return the vaginal opening to the diameter she enjoyed prior to delivering her first child.(Whatever the perineoplasty ends up costing, patients will have access to CareCredit, United Medical Credit, and Prosper Healthcare Lending financing options.)

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What Is the Recovery Like After Perineoplasty?

Patients will need to follow restrictions after their perineoplasty, avoiding sex, heavy lifting, bicycling, horseback riding, and tampon use for six weeks. After a few days of rest, patients should be able to return to work. While patients should expect mild discomfort in the area, over-the-counter pain medications and prescription lidocaine ointment can help soothe the incision. Patients will also experience light bleeding for the first 2-3 days after surgery and should plan to wear a panty liner or small pad.

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A 30 minute outpatient surgery can regenerate the vagina to a more youthful tight, beautiful appearance enhancing sexual gratification for patients and the lucky partner they allow to participate in the benefits of their transformation. Don’t let your perineum issues cause pain, incontinence, or unhappiness with your appearance.

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