The treatment is painless, and you are up and running when it's over. I see and feel the difference after the first treatment. It's easy from the time you make the appointment, to when the procedure is over. Would definitely recommend the office and the procedure.
VOTIVA patient

I was looking for something to lighten my intimate area and help with some ingrown hair scarring I have. First off they evaluated my skin because I am prone to hyperpigmentation as i am an olive tone. Then they did the procedure, which was painless. Then they gave me clear instructions on after care. Loved my results Highly recommend, they're very cautious and meticulous"

I had the intimate lightening and I am so excited to see the final results. the procedure went so smooth and was virtually painless. i love this office and the staff does an amazing job! I have been wanting this for so long and had the opportunity with the best place"

I’ll admit. I was a little on the fence, but after reading the reviews, and a little push from a close friend dealing with the same issues, we decided to get it done and go through the procedure together. She is from Dallas and did all of the research on who we needed to go to in order to get the best care. First, we received an exam, in which we actually saw Dr. Brady. The exam was a normal gynecological exam and took all of 8-10 minutes. She confirmed that we were both great candidates and introduced us to the nurse who would be performing the procedure. I decided to go first since I’m a bit of a chicken. The nurse explained everything beforehand. I knew that it didn’t hurt from all of the reviews but again, I was a bit skeptical. The probe was very small, maybe the width of a nickel. The probe was comfortably warm, but not hot and at one point I felt it was getting hot as she was going over one particular area repeatedly. I told her and she turned the control down. Doing the outer labia was extremely comfortable and I’d even call it relaxing. I literally talked to the nurse and my friend the entire time. I even sent text messages and checked instagram. No pain or discomfort at all. My biggest advice would be to make sure your bladder is empty immediately before the procedure. My husband was away for about a week after I had it done and he IMMEDIATELY noticed. I could feel such a difference in the tightness and my orgasms were MIND BLOWING. Better than I’ve ever had. The other 2 appointments were the same in which I noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in my sex life and after my last visit I caught the flu in which I was coughing badly. There was a big decrease in incontinence. It wasn’t completely gone but definitely wasn’t as bad as before the treatment. Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat and definitely worth the money!

I was reluctant to use someone from a Google search but I am so very grateful to Dr Brady, Amy Haddad, NP, and the entire experience at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas! My Lichen Sclerosus is in remission now and I was finally able to stop my Clobetasol ointment. I can have intercourse with my husband again and the constant burning and itching are gone. The 4 MonaLisa treatments took about 10 minutes each and felt like mild stinging after the numbing cream kicked in. I’ll be back next summer for my annual treatment!
I have been dealing with vaginismus for many years with many providers who were not knowledgeable about the condition or helpful at all. In less than one month, Dr Brady and the staff at the Women’s Wellness Institute have quite literally changed my life for the better. The procedure itself was quick and my progress afterwards has been incredible. I would recommend anyone going through this to work with these amazing women for treatment!
I suffered from vaginismus for years, tried all sorts of therapy and dilators but nothing worked. I booked a consultation with Dr Brady, she was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was successful with no pain. After the procedure, I was so impressed with the after care and follow up. They literally follow up with you to make sure you are practicing with the dilators and monitoring your progress. Going to Dr Brady was the best decision ever and now I’m good to go. I actually just did a sonogram, coming a long way from someone who could never do a pap smear. Thanks to Dr Brady and her team, they are fantastic. If you are thinking of trying Dr Brady, let me save you the stress, stop thinking, please do yourself a favor and call their office. They are amazing, It was the best decision and investment I made, she changed my life.
I completed my series of 3 Votiva treatments at Womens Wellness and consider this a complete success. Dr. Brady and her staff were so welcoming and caring from the first phone call to my last treatment. Votiva has significantly improved my vaginal looseness, urinary incontinence and has enhanced my orgasms. As an added bonus the Votiva treatment greatly improved the appearance of my labia which has boosted my self-confidence. I look forward to coming back in a year for my annual maintenance and seeing these wonderful women again.

I love being able to throw on a bathing suit in the summer without having to worry about finding time to shave. This was a quick, painless process.

I had my third Laser Genesis treatment at Women’s Wellness Institute last week. I am still amazed how this treatment is painless and my results are great. My skin is so smooth and my little acne bumps on my forehead are gone. My skin tone is so even. I came after work and went straight out to dinner, looking great.

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"I loved the care and attentiveness Dr. Brady and her staff showed me throughout the entire process. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I could not be happier! I am beyond satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Brady and her staff to anyone looking for 5 star service with a strong female vibe."

– C.B. Dallas, TX


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