What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition wherein the vagina contracts painfully and involuntarily, making penetration for sex, menstrual needs or medical attention painful or impossible. Primary Vaginismus is diagnosed when a patient has never experienced vaginal penetration, while Secondary Vaginismus occurs when women experience natural, painless intercourse, but later in life develop vaginismus.

Women can experience vaginismus for a variety of reasons, which can be both physical and psychological in nature. Potential causes can include hormonal shifts, medical conditions including UTIs, STIs and other conditions, pelvic surgery or trauma, fear and anxiety and past trauma.

Until recently, patients with vaginismus were treated with only a combination of counseling and supervised vaginal dilation. But now Botox, usually in combination with dilation, offers relief and a return to sexual function.

Botox Vaginismus Treatment

Botulinum toxin – Botox – has earned a reputation for its role in reducing facial lines. But the paralyzing effects known to smooth facial expressions can be just as helpful in addressing the painful and involuntary contractions of vaginismus. In fact, Botox had been used to treat vaginismus since 1997.

The best candidates for Botox Vaginismus Treatments are patients who have tried both physical therapy and behavioral therapy without improvement of their symptoms. For these women, this 20-minute outpatient procedure can be life changing.

What to Expect with a Botox Vaginismus Treatment

During the procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia, Dr. Brady will inject Botox into the pelvic floor muscles, dilate the vagina with the patient’s largest dilator, and perform a hymenectomy if indicated. One week later, after the Botox takes full effect completely paralyzing the pelvic floor muscles, patients begin a strict dilator protocol which is critical to a successful outcome. By the time the effects of the Botox wear off, usually about 3-4 months later, most patients are able to engage in painless intercourse, and experience normal penetration.

“I have been dealing with vaginismus for many years with many providers who were not knowledgeable about the condition or helpful at all. In less than one month, Dr Brady and the staff at the Women’s Wellness Institute have quite literally changed my life for the better. The procedure itself was quick and my progress afterwards has been incredible. I would recommend anyone going through this to work with these amazing women for treatment!”
– J.O. from Cleveland, OH
Botox Vaginismus Treatment

Botox Vaginismus Treatment is a safe and effective option when performed by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist yielding a high rate of success. To learn more schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Brady by contacting us through the form below or by phone at (214) 442-0055.