5 Ways Sexual Wellness Can Improve Your Overall Health

When evaluating sexual wellness, many people quickly think of STDs, pregnancy, birth control, and their frequency of sex. But the truth is that there are many physical and psychological benefits of being sexually healthy. Not only does sex provide pleasure and intimacy, but the benefits of a healthy sex life pour over into our work life and married life. It changes the mindset we have while raising children and provides happiness well into our golden years. Sex is good, and it’s good for us.

To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways sexual wellness can improve your overall health.

1. Your Sexual Wellness Keeps Your Immune System Strong

Studies show that having a healthy sex life helps your body fight off disease. The antibody that is used as the immune system’s first line of defense has actually been found to be significantly higher in adults who have sex once or twice a week, as compared to those who have no sex.

If you’re dissatisfied in your sex life, Dr. Brady can use the O-Shot to improve orgasms and make your sex life more enjoyable. Sexual wellness=physical wellness.

2. Your Sexual Wellness Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Michigan State University published a study showing that a healthy sex life reduces the risk of high blood pressure, specifically in women. The study showed that women between the ages of 57 and 85 who enjoyed a healthy sex life were less likely to have hypertension.

For women in Dallas who do not find satisfaction in their sex life, Dr. Brady can help. Specifically, if you find it difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse, Dr. Brady can boost your sensitivity with the O-Shot and help improve your sexual wellness – and your blood pressure!

3. Your Sexual Wellness Decreases Pain

According to Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University, women who suffer from pain, but have satisfying sex lives reported that the pressure of pleasurable vaginal stimulation increased their pain tolerance by 40%, and during orgasm, their pain tolerance increased by nearly 75%.

For Dallas women who are missing out on this pleasurable stimulation due to age or hormone changes, the O-Shot can bring new life to your sex life, and a happy sex life means less pain!

4. Your Sexual Wellness Lowers Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Sex is good for your heart! What a huge benefit! Women who have a healthy sex life also have more balanced estrogen and testosterone levels, which helps prevent heart disease. A study by the New England Research Institute reported that making love at least twice a week can decrease the risk of heart disease by 45%.

If your sexual wellness is struggling because you are unable to reach orgasm and enjoy your experience with your partner, talk to Dr. Brady about the O-Shot to find out if it can help boost your health.

5. Your Sexual Wellness Decreases Your Stress Level

This is no secret. Sex is an amazing stress reliever! When women engage in sex, and especially when they achieve orgasm, their brain is filled with dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin – all the right chemicals that make them feel good and more relaxed. Not only that, but those chemical work to reduce cortisol, the infamous stress hormone.

If you’ve found you’re too stressed to get into the mood, or you’re discouraged because you worry you won’t be satisfied during your sexual experience, call Dr. Brady’s office in Dallas to book a consultation. She uses the O-Shot to help many women regain amazing, stimulating sexual experiences, and she can help you, too!

Choose Dr. Brady of Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

If your sex life is less than what you’d like it to be, Dr. Brady of Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas can help improve your sexual wellness with the O-Shot. Now that you know how much your sex life can affect your overall health don’t wait to make your first appointment to discuss your options.

Contact her office today by calling 214-347-7234 and schedule your initial consultation!

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