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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Clitoris

Ladies, we all know how powerful this small but mighty female body part is.  In fact, for many women achieving an orgasm relies exclusively on the clitoris.  That fact, in itself, indicates how special this female sex organ is, but did you know there are some other pretty amazing facts about the clitoris?  Allow us to elaborate…
  1. Your clitoris is team YOU.  This major team player literally exists for your pleasure and your pleasure only.
  2. The word “clitoris” is almost universal, linguistically speaking.  There are some that say the word is derived from the ancient greek word for “key”, and it’s been traced to the verb “kleitoriazein” – to “titillate lasciviously or to seek pleasure”.  Regardless, the word clitoris is not just known in English.  It’s known in all modern European languages.
  3. It has a lot of nerve.  We’re all aware that the clitoris is one of (if not the most) sensitive areas of a woman’s body.  It’s a bundle of endings, essentially, but did you know there are about 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris?  That’s more than we have in our fingertips, lips or tongues.
  4. Despite that it might seem logical that a woman’s orgasm starts at the clitoris, it doesn’t.  The nerves that trigger female orgasms originate in the brain from at least six different tissues.  These active nerve pathways vary for different women and can even change during pregnancy, lactation and after menopause.
  5. It truly is forever young.  The clitoris never ages – never.  Once it’s mature, it retains the same physical power for the rest of a woman’s life.  So, women have the same orgasmic magnitude at 80 years old as they do as teenagers.
  6. It loves physical activity – and we’re not just talking about sexual foreplay.  20 minutes of moderate exercise, such as taking a walk, increases vaginal engorgement by 168 percent, and that effect can last for hours.  As if we needed another excuse to exercise!
We hope you’ve found this information enlightening and had some fun while reading it!