A Chemical Peel For Your Vagina? You Bet!

Ladies, it’s no secret that we pour a lot of effort into taking care of ourselves.  From the hair salon to the nail salon to spa treatments and at-home pampering, we all perform regular rituals that indicate a healthy commitment to ourselves and our bodies.  This is a good thing!  Self-care is important to our overall wellbeing and confidence.  So, why should the aesthetic appearance of our lady parts (more specifically the appearance of the skin “down there”) be excluded?

The skin in the vaginal area is no doubt different from the skin over the rest of the body.  It differs in color and in texture as many women know.  It varies from woman to woman and can depend on factors like ethnicity, age, hormonal issues and more.  Though it is absolutely normal for the vaginal skin to be a darker color than the skin on the rest of the body, many women seek treatments to address the hyperpigmentation in that area for the same reason we would address it anywhere else like our faces: to feel more confident and boost our wellbeing.

One common approach to vaginal hyperpigmentation is a chemical peel.  In our Dallas practice, we offer what is known as a TCA peel.  It’s a non-toxic acidic chemical that, when applied to the affected area, stimulates the top layers of the skin to peel and rejuvenates the underlying skin.  This results in a lightening of the treated skin.  For some, a bleaching cream may be recommended for use after the TCA peel as well. These treatments are safe and have been used in skincare regimens for years and now are being offered by Dr. Brady for your labia.

For more information regarding vaginal hyperpigmentation and TCA peels, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brady.

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