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Q: How many vaginal rejuvenation surgeries has Dr. Brady performed?

A: Dr. Brady has performed over twenty four hundred vaginal rejuvenation surgeries since she became the first cosmetic vaginal surgery specialist in Dallas in 2006.

Q: Will vaginal rejuvenation improve my sex life?

A: The purpose of vaginal rejuvenation is to tighten the vagina for increased friction resulting in greater stimulation during intercourse. A patient’s sex life can also be enhanced by her increased self confidence and the resulting increased libido. Two scientific studies have recently been published to address this issue. These studies concluded that 83% to 90% of vaginal rejuvenation patients experience successful results with an improved sex life following surgery. Although no surgery carries a 100% success rate, Dr. Brady strives to provide every patient with an exceptional post operative experience. Review scientific literature concerning cosmetic vaginal surgery with our vast library of Dr. Brady’s mentions and features  in the media.

Q: Where is the surgery performed?

A: Dr. Brady does the majority of surgery at Women’s Speciality Surgery Center. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce the stress of surgery while still providing you with the most advanced technology in minimally invasive surgery.

Most Asked Questions

Q: What are typical symptoms of women who choose vaginal rejuvenation?

A: Women who pursue vaginal rejuvenation to address their vaginal relaxation may complain of:

  • Decreased sensation and stimulation during intercourse
  • A loose vagina with minimal muscle tone
  • A gaping vaginal opening unpleasing in appearance
  • Their partner slipping out during intercourse
  • Tampons falling out
  • Their vagina producing embarrassing “gas-like” sounds during intercourse or a “popping” noise while walking
  • Tissue protruding from their vagina
  • Problems passing bowel movements
  • Scar tissue surrounding the vagina

Q: Should I have my vaginal rejuvenation performed by an OB/GYN or by a plastic surgeon?

A: The answer is neither. Plastic surgeons often focus the majority fo their time at their practice the most common procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. Vaginal rejuvenation usually is a secondary procedure for them if they even perform it at all. They usually rarely have the opportunity to perform it and even so have limited expertise. General OB/GYN’s may examine hundreds of women monthly for pap smears or yeast infections, but they have minimal to zero training or experience on the procedure, not promising clear premium aesthetic and functional results. Cosmetic gynecologic surgery should ideally be performed by a surgeon who specializes in the field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. Patients should seek out a specialist who has performed hundreds to thousands of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. To receive the optimal results both aesthetically and functionally, the specialist you choose should be intimately familiar with the varied anatomy, patient preferences and latest surgical management.

Follow these tips to help choose a qualified cosmetic vaginal surgeon:

  • Verify the credentials of the surgeon
  • Review before and after photos of their patients
  • Take the number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed into consideration
  • Request patient testimonials of the practice

Q: How long will results last after vaginal rejuvenation?

A: The results of vaginal rejuvenation typically last for a lifetime, unless a new vaginal delivery reverses its affects. As we age, all parts of the body relax slightly but the vaginal area should never return to the degree of relaxation experienced prior to surgery. The aging process involves muscle, tissue, and skin throughout the entire body. Patients experience these aging affects following any elective surgery: the face following a face lift, the waist following a tummy tuck, or the thighs following liposuction.

Q: May I personally speak with other patients who have had labiaplasty performed by Dr. Brady?

Yes. Many of our previous patients have offered to speak with other women who are considering labiaplasty.

Q: How many labiaplasties has Dr. Brady performed?

A: Dr. Brady has performed hundreds of labiaplasties since she became the first cosmetic vaginal surgery specialist in Dallas in 2006.

Q: What symptoms are typical among women who elect to have labiaplasty?

A: Common complaints include labial pain and irritation from rubbing against clothing (especially jeans and workout clothes), as well as interference with activities including intercourse, tampon placement, urination, cycling or horseback riding and the appearance of a bulge when wearing certain clothes. For some women elongated or asymmetrical labia may cause embarrassment or interfere with a sexual relationship. A significant percentage of our patients simply do not like the appearance of their labia and request subtle sculpting.

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