How Beautiful Vulvar Lips Can Boost Self-Confidence & Intimate Well-Being

Feeling self-confident in your appearance is a must. After all, if you aren’t confident in your own skin, you are not living your best life! While you can wear makeup to cover up facial imperfections or style your hair, one thing you can’t really optimize yourself is your labia.

It’s not uncommon for Dallas women to have labia they aren’t happy with. Sometimes, labia that are asymmetrical, saggy, or discolored can make a woman feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed in her appearance. Such differences in size aren’t uncommon; in fact, studies show that the average labia is longer on the right side than the left. Regardless, many women choose to make their labial appearance more ideal with a labia augmentation.

What Is Labia Augmentation?

Labia augmentation is a way of plumping up the vulvar lips to make them look fuller and more symmetrical. This can be done non-surgically through the use of dermal fillers; this procedure is called a Vampire Wing Lift or Labial Puff. It can also be part of a labiaplasty called a fat transfer when fat is removed from the abdomen or flanks and injected into the labia majora (outer lips).

Many Dallas women choose labia augmentation because the procedure is so customizable. They can choose exactly how they want to look so they feel more comfortable with their intimate appearance.

Many Women Choose Labia Procedures To Enhance Their Aesthetic Appearance

According to one study done on labiaplasty surgeries in women, a whopping 74.1% said they chose the surgery because they were dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia. They also report the excess labial tissues may interfere with activities like exercise, tampon placement or intercourse. Long labia minora may cause discomfort in certain clothing such as thongs or jeans, and may lead to an unsightly bulge in bathing suits or yoga pants.

Furthermore, 45.7% of women in the study said their motivations were psychological in nature. Many reported low self-esteem and feeling self-conscious about their labia for many years.

How Labia Augmentation and/or Labiaplasty Helps Improve Self-Confidence

In that same study, after having a labiaplasty, women were significantly more satisfied with both their sex lives and genital appearance. These women also reported higher levels of psychological well-being than they did before having the procedure.

What does all this mean? That if you’re a Dallas woman feeling bothered by the appearance or function of your vulva and labia, a procedure like labia augmentation or labiaplasty can help boost your self-esteem and give you the aesthetic feminine appearance you desire.

Learn More About How Labia Augmentation Can Help

Of course, simply reading about research isn’t always enough to comprehend the true results of a labia procedure. To learn more about how a labia augmentation might change your life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brady. She can perform an examination and create a personalized treatment plan to help you overcome all your insecurities.

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