5 Common Side-Effects Of Going Through Menopause

It’s an unfortunate reality of entering our golden years that our bodies must go through the process of menopause, where our reproductive cycles end and the onset of new symptoms begin. But how will you know when you’ve begun your journey? And what can you do to combat these unpleasant side-effects? Read on to find out!

Hot Flashes

Even if you have had a limited exposure to menopausal women in your life, chances are good that you’ve come to identify the common complaint of women experiencing hot flashes. These episodes involve patients experiencing bursts of time during which their skin feels warm, they feel overheated, and they begin sweating uncomfortably.

Triggers for hot flashes can include stress, caffeine, spicy food, alcohol, and tight clothing, while treatments we offer, such as the hormone pellet therapy known as BioTE, can help regulate hormones and reduce hot flashes.

Vaginal Dryness

As the levels of estrogen decrease in your body, your vagina’s natural lubrication decreases as well. This can lead to sensations of soreness, itching, burning, pain, and even light bleeding that can prevent you from fully enjoying sexual intercourse.

With the help of our vaginal rejuvenation treatments like MonaLisa Touch, patients can begin to experience improved sexual intercourse and overall vaginal health from the stimulating effects of increased collagen production and lubrication.

Irregular Periods

As women enter their forties and fifties, irregular periods take on a new meaning. From changes in flow to greater spans of time in between cycles, irregular periods tend to be one of the most noticeable physical symptoms of menopause, indicating that your body’s hormone levels are dropping and your menstrual cycle is ceasing. After ruling out pregnancy, a woman’s final period is considered to have taken place when she has not menstruated within a timeframe of twelve consecutive months.

Reduced Libido

With the falling level of your body’s hormones also comes a marked decrease in the desire to have sex, potentially affecting a patient and their most intimate relationships in a negative manner. A reduced libido also tends to be associated with vaginal dryness. Treatments aimed at targeting your libido can range from the orgasm-stimulating O-Shot to the rejuvenating vaginal treatments of ThermiVa.

Mood Swings

Another recognizable symptom of menopause is a patient’s tendency toward extreme mood swings. Often, through no fault of their own, patients will feel varying emotions in rapid succession, leading to uncontrollable crying, intense anger, manic happiness, and more. Treatments like BioTE regulate your hormone levels and balance them out, allowing you to regain control of how you feel and have less stressful social interactions.

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