Five Factors For Optimal Hormone Health

As BioTE providers, we meet with many men and women experiencing the unavoidable symptoms hormone imbalance. For women, when discussing menopause and perimenopause, many are still experiencing discomfort and uncertainty about alternatives to hormone therapy in alleviating the symptoms. These women are experiencing a number of physical and emotional changes as their hormone levels roller coaster or drop entirely. From night sweats, moodiness, depression and changes in menstrual cycle to slow hair loss and loss of skin elasticity – the side effects can be far stretched. Despite the horror stories that have been shared about the aging process, it’s important to remember that the transition itself is very natural and all women who reach a certain age can experience these changes. In recognizing this, it’s good to know that there are many ways to help prepare for the changes, or prevent them altogether as you transition into a new (and often improved) time of your life.

Here at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we want to give you peace of mind and assure you that treatments for menopause and perimenopause work in completely different ways – from bioidentical treatments to natural remedies to prescription drugs. These 5 steps can assist your body to prevent or reduce the severity of symptoms, but if you’re still not experiencing relief, consider Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets. You can schedule your consultation today!

Optimal Nutrition

If you aren’t already practicing a healthy, balanced diet, there’s no better time to take on healthy eating habits than when menopause approaches. The most effective medicine that exists is the food you intake. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and proteins will keep your body strong through the changes, help keep your mind healthy, and dissipate any pains and discomforts associated with menopause. It’s best to eat 3 meals a day and two or more snacks to keep your blood sugar stable. Limit intake of carbohydrates, especially refined carbs and sugars. Strength Training and Regular Exercise Most women experiencing the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause report that they feel as if they’re gaining weight steadily. It can be particularly frustrating for women because the weight sticks to unusual places and “refuses to budge”! As estrogen levels fluctuate, they tend to cause your body to hold on to fat which is why this feeling is felt so strongly. Just as we advocate that food is medicine, we also believe that movement is medicine! You can positively impact your health through exercise – walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, cycling or any other exercise, just do something you enjoy! Moving your body has a major impact on your weight, other menopausal symptoms and overall wellbeing.

Women who exercise regularly receive many benefits associated with it including greater muscle tone, stronger bones, and increased metabolism. All of these benefits are especially important during menopause when many women begin to see a decrease in bone density and a slowing down of their metabolism.

Hormone Support – Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

As we age and hormones fluctuate, men and women alike turn to hormone replacement therapy to help alleviate the symptoms of the imbalance. Hormone replacement therapy has advanced tremendously over the years to give men and women the option to avoid the roller coaster effect of hormonal imbalance altogether. Here at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we offer BioTE Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets to patients as an option to keep you feeling optimized from the inside out.

Understand emotional wellness

Your thoughts and feelings dramatically impact your health. Why not make that a positive effect? A good idea or place to start is keeping a journal to help you become aware of what you’re feeling and identify emotional patterns that occur. Meditation or just taking 10-15 minutes of silence helps your mind decompress without the stressors of daily life and can greatly impact your mood and ability to cope with life. There’s so much negativity in our day to day life, so it’s helpful to start the day with some type of positive affirmation. Happiness is a choice – and you get to choose every single day.

Vitamins and Supplements

Many patients find themselves on antidepressants for the symptoms associated with the aging process. More and more patients are realizing that the “down in the dumps” feeling has more to do with vitamin deficiencies and less to do with emotional instability. Just one major supplement most men and women lack is iodine, which contributes to proper thyroid function. This trace element helps in the optimal utilization of calories, alleviates symptoms such as frustration, depression, poor perception, and the list goes on.

Call us at 214-347-7234 to schedule your consultation to discuss bioidentical hormone therapy, along with the nutraceutical options we offer to help you reach optimal health!

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