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How Hormone Replacement Therapy Helped Our Own Dr. Brady Tackle Insomnia

With our overly busy lives (career, home, family, etc.), you’d think no one would suffer from insomnia. We’re running all day and often a good part of the evening, and yet so many of us still can’t get to sleep at night. This was exactly the case with our very own physician, Dr. Brady.
It seems illogical that sleep wouldn’t come naturally when you’re so worn out and tired, but the driving force behind her insomnia problem really came down to stress.  As she describes in a recent article published on the BioTE® Medical blog, her inability to unwind at night due to the stress of daily life was having serious effects on her health.  “I would find myself wide-awake long past midnight, sorting the next day’s activities, unable to relax at all,” Dr. Brady said.  Lack of proper sleep, we know, can lead to many negative health issues such as depression, substance abuse, obesity, and more.  Often, these issues can parlay into more serious, life-threatening diseases like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.
It wasn’t until she learned about and trained in hormone replacement therapy to offer in our Dallas practice that Dr. Brady decided to receive the therapy herself.  The results were almost immediate.  Dr. Brady found that her insomnia is 90% improved and she’s sleeping soundly for 7 to 8 hours each night.  She credits the BioTE therapy completely because she has made no other lifestyle changes.
So, what exactly is BioTE hormone replacement therapy?  It’s a simple, in-office procedure where hormone pellets are injected safely under the skin.  The pellets use hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels.  This type of therapy is especially effective because the pellets consistently release small, physiological hormone doses, eliminating mood swings and energy fluctuations that can be found with typical oral or transdermal therapies.
We’ve seen countless success stories in our practice both with Dr. Brady and our patients.  By relieving anxiety, stabilizing moods, increasing energy, restoring sexual drive, and so much more, BioTE hormone pellets are helping the recipients of this therapy regain their quality of life!