How Labiaplasty Can Make Orgasms Much Easier for Women to Achieve

Many women in Dallas seek the help of Dr. Brady each year for labiaplasty for one simple purpose – to improve orgasms. For some women, enhanced self-confidence and reduced labial tissue can actually improve sexual experience and sensation. Board-certified gynecologist surgeon, Dr. Brady has almost 20 years of experience performing labiaplasty procedures for women looking to boost their sex lives.

To learn more about how this simple surgery can benefit your experience during intercourse with your partner, keep reading.


Before choosing to have labiaplasty, Dr. Brady requires her prospective patients to schedule an initial consultation. During this appointment, she will spend significant time discussing treatment options and setting expectations for the degree of improvement each woman can expect based on their specific circumstances. Dr. Brady’s techniques during labiaplasty will vary depending upon whether the procedure will focus on the labia majora, the labia minora, clitoral hood, or all of the above.

To provide her Dallas patients with a more aesthetically appealing outcome and faster recovery, Dr. Brady will use an Ellman scalpel for the surgery. This gold-standard scalpel utilizes radiofrequency energy to the surgical site allowing precise, bloodless incisions while preventing damage to the surrounding tissue.

She will conclude the labiaplasty with dissolvable sutures, which will disintegrate within 4-6 weeks following surgery.

How Labiaplasty Can Improve Sexual Sensation

The labiaplasty procedure consists of sculpting away excess labia minora or majora skin from a woman’s vulva or vaginal area. By reducing the size of the labia, women are able to experience improved sexual function and find it easier to achieve orgasm because the clitoris is more easily exposed by the patient and her partner. A patient’s ability to achieve stimulation and clitoral orgasms will not be diminished as Dr. Brady takes paramount care to spare the clitoris any injury during surgery, protecting this very sensitive organ and its nerves at all times.

The physiological benefits of having labiaplasty is a huge personal boost to Dallas women as well. Rejuvenating your vagina in any way boosts a woman’s self-confidence, making her feel better about herself, which typically leads to more sex.

Through both physical improvements and emotional improvements, labiaplasty can certainly improve a woman’s sex life and make it easier to achieve enhanced orgasms.

Choose Dr. Brady of Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas For Your Labiaplasty

During every surgery, Dr. Brady focuses on the quality of the procedure being performed and the aesthetic vision of each patient. She spends extensive time during every consultation to learn about each patient’s goals. She defines her success by the satisfaction of each patient.

Many Dallas women often have questions about the experience and effectiveness of labiaplasty surgery, and Dr. Brady is careful to fully explain every detail of the procedure, from the benefits to the risks.

If you have been suffering from enlarged or sagging labia skin on your vagina and want to improve your sex life by improving your ability to reach orgasm, call Dr. Brady’s office today at 214-347-7234 to book your first appointment.

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