How Long Do the Results of the Vampire Wing Lift Last?

Thinking about getting a Vampire Wing Lift to revitalize your labia? It’s certainly a procedure you won’t regret, especially when you choose a provider like Dr. Brady. She has helped thousands of Dallas women perfect their labia so they feel comfortable and happy in their own skin.

One of the most common questions we get about the Vampire Wing Lift is how long it will last. It’s a completely justifiable question, as you want to make sure you’ll be happy with your intimate appearance for as long as possible. And while we love seeing our patients, we don’t want them to have to come in every quarter just to maintain their results.

We’re pleased to report that for most Dallas women, the results of a Vampire Wing Lift last about one year. After that time, the procedure is repeated to help you maintain your plump and youthful labia.

When Will I See Final Results?

Keep in mind that you won’t see your optimal results immediately after your procedure. While there will be a noticeable difference in your labia right away, thanks to the dermal fillers, the fillers also need time to settle. Plus, your body needs time to process the growth factors that have been injected. These will stimulate the production of collagen and new blood vessels, which should further improve the appearance of your labia.

In all, final results take about three months to develop. After that, you’ll follow up to review photos with the option for additional volume if desired.

Factors That Cause Results to Vary

There are a number of factors that can affect how long your Vampire Wing Lift results last. The most important (and unfortunately, uncontrollable) factor is your genetic predisposition to aging. Some people simply have a genetic makeup that ages them faster; if this is the case for you, you may begin to notice your labia looking droopy or wrinkly a little sooner than other Dallas women.

Other factors that may reduce the longevity of your results include:

    • Exercising too much, as being active speeds up your metabolism, which means your body might break down the fillers faster.
    • Not eating a healthy diet. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals to stay strong and rebuild the collagen. Furthermore, junk foods have a propensity for causing inflammation, which can speed up the absorption of the injections.
    • Not drinking enough water, as the skin needs a lot of hydration to stay plump and moisturized.

Get a Vampire Wing Lift in Dallas Today

For many women, a Vampire Wing Lift is a great choice because it’s entirely nonsurgical. In fact, the whole process takes just around 30 minutes, and you can go right back to your normal routine immediately afterward. For most women the simplicity and safety of the process easily overcomes the fact that your results are not permanent.

Don’t let your labia insecurities affect your well-being or self-esteem. Contact our Dallas office today at 214-347-7234 to schedule your initial consultation.

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