Is Your Labia Minora Causing You Pain During Sex?

Many women in Dallas suffer from pain during intercourse with their partner but are left wondering why they are hurting. The truth is that many women, young and old, don’t know much about their own bodies. Some even believe that the pain they experience during sex is normal. Unless you’ve just started having sex for the first time, unwanted pain should not be considered a normal part of your sexual experience.

Many women suffer from pain during sex caused by their labia minora – the inner lips of the vagina. If you think this could be the cause of the pain you are experiencing during sexual intercourse, Dr. Brady can help by performing labiaplasty surgery.

What Are The Labia Minora?

Medically speaking, the labia minora are the two smaller folds of skin that are located inside the outer layers of skin of the vagina called the labia majora. These inner layers surround the vestibule of the vagina and urethra. The skin is smooth, and a generous supply of blood vessels make it pink. The labia minora are smaller than the labia majora (where the pubic hair grows) and can be up to six inches long.

During sex, the labia minora becomes engorged with blood flow, making them more sensitive to stimulation. Some Dallas women experience pain in their labia minora during sex for several reasons, including:

  • The labia minora are too long and hang below the labia majora causing severe rubbing, pulling and sometimes even bleeding.
  • The labia minora are uneven, and one side sags below the labia majora, and the other does not – this is called Labial Asymmetry.
  • The labia minora are affected by Lichen Sclerosus, a painful autoimmune disorder of the vaginal area of unknown casue.

How Labiaplasty Can Help

By performing labiaplasty on Dallas women who experience labia minora pain during sex, Dr. Brady can sculpt the sagging skin in a way that resolves irritation and restores the pleasure of intimacy.

Because Dr. Brady believes in fully educating her patients on the surgical procedure they are considering, we’d like to highlight some important points regarding labiaplasty:

  • In order to eliminate pain and improve her patient’s sexual experience with their partner, Dr. Brady will remove excess skin from the labia minora and around the clitoris during labiaplasty.
  • Labiaplasty is permanent and does not affect a woman’s ability to experience vaginal childbirth later in life. This procedure does not risk diminishing sexual sensation as Dr. Brady does not operate on the clitoris itself and is very well educated on clitoral anatomy and physiology.
  • Dr. Brady can restore the labia to a firmer, more aesthetically pleasing appearance and can perform labiaplasty in a way that leaves the skin pinker in appearance, which is typically associated with youthfulness.

There are many ways labiaplasty can benefit your sex life, and reducing your pain is at the top of the list!

Why Choose Dr. Brady of Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

Dr. Brady has performed thousands of labiaplasty surgeries in her almost 20 years of experience. She is board-certified and is the only female cosmetic gynecological surgeon in Dallas. This makes her uniquely qualified to empathize and understand the needs of her female patients.

If you suffer from pain during sex because of your labia minora, call Dr. Brady today at 214-347-7234 to book your first appointment and be on your way to a more pleasurable life with your partner.

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