Millennials & Cosmetic Surgery – Why They Love It

When most people think of the demographic group that seeks cosmetic surgery, we tend to think of the Baby Boomers who are seeking to turn back the clock.  Surprisingly though, many recent reports are showing that the Millennials are jumping on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon – and in droves, it seems.  So, what gives?

For one thing, Millennials are the first generation that has grown up in a society which considers cosmetic surgery “normal”.  Most, if not all of them, have a friend or know someone who has had some sort of cosmetic procedure.  Millennials also put a heavy emphasis on the quality of their lives and are more inclined to seek improvements to their bodies to be their most confident, best selves.  They are also more open to change and are more focused on their bodies.  That said, they are very in tune with ensuring those changes are more natural looking.  Additionally, as an internet and technology-savvy generation, they are exposed to heavy pop culture and are positioned to properly research procedures and surgeons, which enables them to locate practitioners that align with their goals and take their health and wellbeing seriously.

So, how does that translate for us?  One of our most commonly performed procedures is Labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the female genitalia.  Though the demographic group seeking this procedure certainly isn’t exclusive to Millennials, they do make up a large percentage of our practice.  One possible reason for this could be that Baby Boomers, and even the Gen X crowd, simply “don’t care” as much as Millennials when it comes to what they look like “down there” or don’t place importance on it.  Given that Millennials are partly driven by being confident and focused on maintaining a physical standard to remain confident, it’s not really that surprising that they would seek cosmetic treatments, shamelessly and openly.  Frankly, we applaud that attitude!

At our Dallas-based practice, we’ve performed countless Labiaplasty procedures on women in their late teens and 20s.  If you think a cosmetic vaginal procedure is right for you, we invite you to contact us for a consultation with trained cosmetic gynecologist, Dr. Wesley Anne Brady.

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