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How To Prepare For Your Cosmetic Gynecological Procedure

You did it!  You’ve booked your cosmetic gynecological procedure and are counting down until the Big Day.  Though it’s an elective surgery, it’s surgery nonetheless, and being properly prepared will make it an overall safer and better experience.  Here are some tips that can help:
–  Thoroughly review and complete all pre-operative instructions. Your surgeon provides this information for important reasons, and it’s essential that you two work as a team.  Whether it’s going for lab work or gathering the things recommended for a smoother recovery, taking the time to check these items off the list will only benefit you!
–  Show yourself some love.  Surgery can put stress on the body, so the healthier you are, the better.  Be sure you’re eating well and sleeping well so that your body isn’t overly taxed prior to your procedure.  Also, maintain your physical activity regimen to keep your energy and strength up.
–  Rally the troops!  Be sure you’ve got the support you need and are surrounded by encouraging people.  Appoint someone you’re close to and trust to drive you to and from your procedure (if recommended).  Heading into a surgery can be intimidating, and having an advocate will help ease your nerves.
Although these pointers are rather generalized, they can go a long way in making for a superior surgical experience.  Of course, if you have specific questions or needs, you should always contact your surgeon or their team to ensure all your questions are answered and you’re fully informed and equipped to enter the operating suite with the utmost confidence.  When patients feel they’ve been adequately prepared, it makes facing the sometimes daunting operating table that much easier.  Remember, your surgeon is on your team and wants nothing but the best for you in terms of your health, safety and certainly your results.  When the two of you work synergistically toward the same goal, you can be a pretty powerful team!