Hormonal imbalance in woman can lead to a lower sex drive, discomfort during intercourse, decreased energy, and weight gain. People may seek treatment for these symptoms at different stages of life: some as they are just entering menopause and others who have been experiencing these challenges for years and are ready for a change.

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Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas helps patients address these issues with BioTE®. This is a medical approach to balancing hormones with a bio-identical, all-natural treatment. With BioTE, our practice optimizes hormonal levels to increase energy, lose weight, improve sleep and invigorate sex drive.

A “normal” balance of hormonal levels provides an average level of improvement. Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas strives not for average but for optimal. Our medical director, Dr. Wesley Anne Brady, works with women to identify the right mix of hormones for their needs, to track their results, and to help them achieve performance in the upper-third of possible outcomes. The goal for every patient is a better sex life and a better overall quality of life.

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How BioTE Works

Using hormone therapy to correct imbalances is a well-established and effective treatment. There are three options women may choose from when considering hormone therapy:

  1. Synthetic medications such as Prempro.
  2. Bio-identical creams placed on the skin or trouches placed beneath the tongue daily.
  3. Bio-identical pellets placed non-invasively under their skin three times per year.

BioTE is part of the third category of treatments. BioTE pellets are about the size of a grain of rice, made from modified plant materials, and placed beneath the skin of the hip about three times a year.

As the BioTE pellet dissolves, it provides a predictable and regular release of the hormones that the patient needs. Unlike creams and pills which are taken daily, pellet therapy allows our busy patients to live their balanced lives stopping by for treatment only every 4 months.

Our Dallas patients often want to know how long it will be until they notice a difference following the initial pellet placement. For some women, it will be four weeks, while other women will start to notice a change within one week. Change may start subtly(She may wake up with renewed energy, notice an attractive, shirtless jogger she wouldn’t normally register or enjoy a stronger and faster climax than usual). As a patient reaches optimal levels, she should recognize an overall improvement in the way she feels physically, mentally and emotionally.

Exploring Options with BioTE

Understanding needs. To tailor treatment to each person, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas will begin with a questionnaire designed to gather details about the patient’s symptoms and goals. Women may have decreased libido, low energy, weight gain, hot flashes, and other symptoms that BioTE can treat.

Initial consultation. Dr. Brady will meet in-office with patients to answer their questions, discuss different treatment options, and share a realistic picture of what BioTE can and can’t do. A hormone balancing program requires a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and proper diet, in order to get the greatest benefits.

Examination and testing. As part of the initial consultation, Dr. Brady will also perform a physical examination if indicated to identify issues that may be affecting the patient’s sexual wellness. Women who have severe vaginal dryness, vaginal tightness (stenosis), a loosening of the vagina, or other concerns can learn about treatment options through our practice, which they may combine with BioTE. Patients will also complete a blood draw, which will allow us to benchmark their current hormonal and vitamin levels.

Lab review. It will take about one week for the lab to finish its analysis of the blood draw, at which point patients will return to Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas to discuss their results. We will review a variety of factors, including estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid levels, and Dr. Brady will recommend a personalized BioTE program based on these findings combined with a thorough review of a patient’s medical history and symptom checklist.

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What to Expect with BioTE

Dallas patients can often receive their first dose of BioTE as part of the lab review appointment. Having a pellet placed is a simple and non-invasive 3 minute process:

  • Patients can remain clothed during the procedure.
  • A small area of the hip is sterilized and numbed with lidocaine.
  • The tiny BioTE pellet is inserted just beneath the skin.

Women who receive BioTE will wear a steri-strip for about three days.

About four weeks after receiving the first BioTE pellet, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas will check in with patients to see if they are noticing an improvement. We will generally ask patients to have a second blood draw with the lab so that we can assess their current hormonal levels.

Restrictions following BioTE pellet placement include not soaking in water and no gluteal exercises for three days. Any vitamin deficiencies will also be addressed with BioTE nutraceuticals.

Approximately 75% of patients will achieve their optimal hormone levels after the first pellet placement. Dr. Brady will offer to place an additional pellet boost free of charge 6-8 weeks after their iniital pellet for patients who are not at their optimal levels. Once a patient’s ideal pellet dose is confirmed she will return for a repellet every 3-6 months depending upon her physical activity.

"Biote supplements are awesome and the transition from synthetic to natural has been easy without issue. No issues status post cystocele and rectocele repairs! Thank you Dr Brady for giving me back my life!"

- Anonymous

Common Questions About BioTE

How long will my BioTE pellet last?

On average, our Dallas patients request a repellet appointment every four months. The pellet dissolves according to a patient’s cardiac output, so women who are triathletes will usually burn through the pellet in less time — perhaps three months — while a woman who isn’t very active might get six months out of each treatment. Dr. Brady recommends combining BioTE with a healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve full benefits.

What restrictions will I have after the procedure to place the BioTE pellet?

Restrictions are minimal. Dr. Brady will ask patients to avoid soaking in water and not to work out their gluteal muscles. This will mean no spinning, squatting, or lunges for 3 days after pellet placement. Otherwise, the women who receive BioTE can follow their normal daily routine.

Do patients stay on BioTE long-term?

The women who get treatment through our practice are generally very happy with their results. Around 95% of our BioTE patients remain on the program long-term. They find that having a pellet placed, checking serum levels, and occasional appointments with our office are minor tradeoffs when compared to the benefits they receive in their quality of life with BioTE.

The changes that post-menopausal women notice in their libido, energy, and weight don’t have to be permanent. Learn more about hormonal balancing with BioTE by contacting Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas online or at 214-442-0055.

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"I loved the care and attentiveness Dr. Brady and her staff showed me throughout the entire process. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I could not be happier! I am beyond satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Brady and her staff to anyone looking for 5 star service with a strong female vibe."

– C.B. Dallas, TX


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