The Biggest Misconception of Middle Age Sex

Ladies, fasten your seat belts.  We’re going to have a chat about the “S” word – and some of the discussion points may pleasantly surprise you!

When you think of midlife (and beyond) sex, what’s your first reaction?  Would it shock you to learn that the women in the 40-65 age group (and even upwards of 88 year olds!) are still having sex – and good sex?  Yes, it’s true.  A new study and book reveal that women who still care about sex are having plenty of it – and loving it.  Here are the basics of what they found:

  • 85% of the women followed in the study reported they were still having sex 4 years later
  • The strongest indicator that a woman would continue having sex is that she values sex
  • The majority of women who enter midlife sexually active tend to remain sexually active
  • Women who placed importance on an active sex life were determined to continue an active sex life regardless of any physical limitations that may occur
  • They’re having fun sex (it’s no longer about making babies or being “hot”)

For us, these findings are particularly important as the focus of our entire practice is centered around women’s health and wellness.  It’s no secret that a healthy sex life makes for a healthier you (see our previous blog post entitled Pillow Talk: How a Healthier Sex Life Can Lead to a Healthier You), and there’s no reason a woman’s intimate life should decrease or cease completely based on her age.  This information is especially timely with the development and release of pharmaceuticals specific to the female sexual side, and of course, the increase in women seeking vaginal rejuvenation.  Granted, every couple has unique needs that keep the flame alive, and they vary tremendously.  Dr. Brady helps women remain sexually vibrate through middle age and beyond, providing counseling, medication, and if indicated, vaginal rejuvenation to achieve the specific goals of each patient.  Remember, age is just a number, baby!

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