Vaginal Rejuvenation – It’s Not Just For Real Housewives Stars

OK, ladies, it’s time for some serious girl talk.  Most of you have heard of the ‘trend’ in aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation by now.  In her well-known book release, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville, openly discusses her decision, and the subsequent rewards, to pursue this procedure.  A contender for the legitimacy of this procedure, Brandi’s story is not only inspiring; it’s a common theme among so many women we’ve met in our Dallas practice.

As a society, as a consumer, and certainly as a woman, we are bombarded by the media about what we should and shouldn’t be doing in terms of our own happiness and wellbeing.  Often times, the information is contradictory, resulting in even more confusion.  Hey, we’re just trying to be our best selves, right?  We would probably all agree that it would be refreshing - even liberating - to have someone tell it to us straight, which is exactly what Brandi Glanville does in the part of her book that discusses her vaginal rejuvenation experience.

Following a devastating divorce, the Real Housewives cast member needed a ‘pick-me-up’.  Brandi describes wanting a sort of “rebirth” as she faced a new chapter in her life.  To her, this meant a new vagina (why not?!).  In her own candid words, Brandi explains her decision to pursue vaginal rejuvenation as this: “Ultimately, my [ex] husband got a new vagina… and so did I”.

You may be wondering why someone would want a “pretty’ vagina, especially if we’re not out there parading it around.  Let’s begin with the basics.  Vaginal rejuvenation is not simply an aesthetic procedure.  It is a functional procedure involving the tightening of the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina, enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control.  Many women experience a weakening and stretching of the vaginal structures (makes sense, no?) after childbirth.  For Ms. Glanville, this seems to have been the main motivation for her as she goes on to say, “Pushing out two babies will do that”.

It is logical to recognize that vaginal rejuvenation can certainly enhance sensation and sexual pleasure for a woman.  And hey, couldn’t we agree that a little extra mojo is a good thing?  For many of the above mentioned reasons, Glanville sought the surgical skills of Beverly Hill’s surgeon Dr. David Matlock, one of Dr. Brady’s mentors.  In the wake of her procedure, Brandi cheekily and rather humorously discussed how pleased she is with her results - and apparently she’s not the only one - noting that the “reviews are stupendous”!

The reality is that Dr. Brady’s goal is to empower women with an understanding of their bodies and educate them with knowledge and alternatives regarding their sexual health and overall wellness.  Providing gynecologic services that are effective, in demand and safe resulting in positive outcomes is part of that empowerment and education.  Our Dallas vaginal rejuvenation patients are thrilled with not only their decision to undergo such a procedure, but with their surgical experience and the results they’re currently enjoying!

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