What are BioTE™ Pellets?

With age comes many side effects both internally and externally. Hormones in men and women which play such a huge roll in how we feel, act and look may begin to decrease in their natural levels and require medical intervention for a much needed boost.

A hormonal imbalance can cause a host of problems including weight gain, particularly around the midsection, an overall lack of energy and an increase in daytime fatigue, difficulty sleeping at night, depression and anxiety and an overall moody temperament, and an inability to focus. Patients struggling with a hormonal imbalance may also notice decreased muscular strength, joint pain, a reduction of sexual desire and sexual performance and an inability to lose weight despite a healthy diet and ample exercise. If you’re struggling with what seems to be a hormonal imbalance, what can you do to boost your hormonal levels to where they should be? For many patients, the answer is BioTE™ Pellets.

BioTE™ Pellets are all-natural hormone pellets that are placed just below the surface of a patient’s skin to be absorbed. They are bio-identical in nature to estrogen and testosterone that is found within the body and are metabolized as such as needed by the body. After the age of 30, most people will see a significant drop in their hormone level production, anywhere from 3%-10% less. BioTE™ Pellets are intended to help with this drop of natural hormone production to help prevent many of the negative side effects that are associated with such.

Women using BioTE™ Pellets to help with a hormonal imbalance will require them every 3-6 months while men will need them every 4-5 months. The pellets are more effective then hormonal shots, pills and creams because they are a pure hormone like those found naturally within the body. Instead of being metabolized through the stomach, liver or skin, they are picked up by the blood stream and distributed throughout the body during BioTE™ treatment.

For women who seek a boost of estrogen levels with BioTE™ Pellets, an increase in estrogen will help to protect them against strokes, heart attacks and osteoporosis while also looking and feeling younger overall.

Some side effects that are associated with BioTE™ Pellets include minor bruising and bleeding but by and large, any complications are very rare. Before undergoing a BioTE™ treatment, you should discuss all your questions and concerns with your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment with a BioTE™ doctor to learn more about how this treatment at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas can improve your life.

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