What Causes Urinary Incontinence?

Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas is led by Dr. Brady and is the only physician-led practice in Dallas that specializes in sexual health and cosmetic gynecology. Dr. Brady’s patients choose her for her expertise and experience, and because she can understand what they are going through. During consultations regarding urinary incontinence, Dr. Brady takes the time to explain non-surgical (preferred) options such as ThermiVa and surgical options and determine the best course of treatment for her patients based on their symptoms and goals.

When discussing urinary incontinence in women, it’s important to remember that this is not a disease. Instead, it’s a symptom of a primary underlying condition caused by everyday habits or, more likely, medical problems or physical changes in the pelvic floor. Only a visit with Dr. Brady can determine the true cause of your urinary incontinence.

There are various causes of urinary incontinence, and their sources vary. The most common types are temporary and persistent urinary incontinence.

Temporary Urinary Incontinence

• Certain Drinks, Foods, and Medications
Drinks and foods such as alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, chocolate, and foods that are high in spice, sugar, or acid can cause temporary urinary incontinence in women. This is also referred to as overactive bladder. Likewise, some heart and blood pressure medicines, large doses of vitamin C, sedatives, and muscle relaxants can also cause temporary urinary incontinence.

Urinary Tract Infections and Constipation
Infections of the bladder can cause women to feel the need to urinate suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. This urge sometimes leads to frustrating leaks. Constipation can also cause women to have temporary urinary incontinence since compacted stool can make the nerves near the bladder become overactive.

Persistent Urinary Incontinence

• Pregnancy and Childbirth
The hormonal changes that happen to a woman during pregnancy and the increased weight of baby on a woman’s bladder can cause urinary incontinence for months. Many of these same women suffer from continued leaks after childbirth as vaginal delivery can weaken the muscles that control the bladder and cause the pelvic floor to prolapse.

• Age
One of the facts of life is that we all age, every part of our body ages including our bladder. An older bladder can lose tone, which decreases its ability to store urine effectively. Additionally, involuntary bladder contractions occur more often as one ages.

• Menopause
Post-menopausal women produce less estrogen, which is the hormone that maintains the lining of the bladder and urethra. With less estrogen comes gradual deterioration of these tissues and incontinence can occur more frequently.

• Hysterectomy
Women who have had a hysterectomy sometime suffer from a weakened pelvic floor, which supports the bladder. This weakened foundation can cause incontinence in women.

How ThermiVa Can Help with Urinary Incontinence

ThermiVa is a non-surgical technology that encourages collagen development of the anterior vaginal wall directly adjacent to the bladder which leads to naturally improved bladder support. Dr. Brady frequently provides ThermiVa treatments to women who have mild stress urinary incontinence and/or urge incontinence and/or mild to moderate laxity in the labia, clitoral hood, and vagina. The goal is to give these patients a more compact, youthful appearance, improved comfort, increased sensation during sex, and reduced urinary leakage.

ThermiVa uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency technology to tighten and firm weakened tissues under the bladder. This system gives Dr. Brady the ability to restore Dallas women’s vaginas and decrease their mild female incontinence. This treatment is performed in-office at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas and typically takes just 30 minutes per session. Most patients experience the most benefit from a series of three ThermiVa sessions. There is no discomfort or downtime, so working women in Dallas can come in over their lunch break and join their colleagues afterward with no trouble.

Call Dr. Brady Today

If you’re suffering from mild urinary incontinence and want relief, call Dr. Brady’s office to book an initial consultation. During your visit, you will have the chance to fully explain your symptoms, and Dr. Brady will perform an examination to determine if ThermiVa is right for you.

You can reach a member of her friendly team and schedule a consultation by calling 214-347-7234 today!

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