What to Expect From the BioTE Recovery Process

BioTE is a revolutionary treatment to help women in the Dallas area who are suffering from hormone imbalance. When a woman’s hormones are imbalanced, she can suffer from a reduced sex drive, less energy, sexual discomfort, and even weight gain. BioTE helps solve these problems by providing a bio-identical replacement for a woman’s natural hormones. The small BioTE pellet is placed beneath the skin three times a year, where it gradually dissolves and releases hormones to the body.

The procedure itself is quite straightforward, but what is the recovery process like? And how soon until women can start seeing results?

Changes to Your Normal Routine

While the BioTE insertion process isn’t painful, there are 2 things we recommend you avoid for 3 days after a pellet placement. First of all, it is best to avoid exercising your gluteus muscles-no spin class, stair steppers, squats or lunges.

You’ll also need to avoid soaking the area; this means you can’t go swimming or soaking in a hot tub or bath. Keep the area clean and dry to give the pellet time to absorb into your body.

Taking Care of Your Incision

You’ll leave our Dallas office with a white gauze dressing over the insertion area, which covers a small piece of tape, or steri strip. This is meant to keep the pellet in place and help your body heal properly. While you can remove the white gauze and shower the day after the procedure, you’ll want to leave the skin tape in place for three days.

Don’t be alarmed if you see some redness around the incision or feel slight discomfort. This is normal and can often be treated with cold compresses.

How Long Until I See Results?

Every woman is a little different. Some women start noticing changes to their bodies in as little as a week. For others, it may take up to four weeks. Most Dallas women fall comfortably within this range.

Keep in mind that your results probably won’t be noticeable all at once. For most women, the changes are gradual. For example, you may have more energy one day or feel a little more in the mood for sex the next. These changes in emotional, mental, and physical health will continue to improve as your treatment goes on, and full benefit is seen 4-6 weeks after a pellet is placed.

After reviewing your follow-up labs, Dr. Brady will have a better idea of how your body is reacting to BioTE, and she will confirm whether your hormones are balanced and optimized. Most women then return for a repellet appointment 4 months after their initial pellet placement.

Learn More About BioTE at Our Dallas Office

To find out if you’re a candidate for BioTE, all you have to do is schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Brady. At the appointment, she’ll review your symptoms, medical history and discuss your concerns to see if BioTE is the best option for you.

Get started with your hormone replacement treatment today by calling our Dallas office at 214-347-7234.

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