Why Would Someone Choose To Have Labiaplasty In Their 20’s

Labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance of the labia majora and minora, is often considered a procedure that is mostly pursued following childbirth, aging or menopause. These life events can cause changes in a woman’s genitalia, resulting in both physical and emotional discomfort, and labiaplasty directly addresses and corrects these changes.  But some women are faced with these discomforts earlier in life due to genetics or hormonal changes that occur in adolescence and early womanhood.  A perfect example of this was highlighted in an article recently published on Fusion, where a woman discusses her decision to undergo labiaplasty in her twenties, prior to ever having children and not even remotely close to the menopausal years.  The author of the article describes years of anxiety, physical discomfort, confusion regarding the appearance of her vagina, and more.  All of these emotions resulted, for her, in a disruption in her relationships, her intimacy level, and even her sense of fashion.

To many, this information may come as a surprise, but to those of us where labiaplasty procedures are a large part of our practice, this is no surprise at all.  We’ve seen hundreds of young women in our Dallas practice who cite the same concerns and are looking for a solution to both their emotional and physical discomfort that is caused by elongated labia.

Labiaplasty is, in short, a one to two hour procedure designed to sculpt the labia majora and minora by reducing and/or reshaping elongated or uneven labia.  This can be achieved using laser or non-laser techniques, depending on the unique needs of each woman.  It is a safe and effective procedure, and most women experience a boost of confidence and increase of intimacy as a result of the procedure.  In fact, labiaplasty boasts a 96% “worth it” rating on the consumer-driven website, RealSelf!

If you’re struggling with the appearance and physical discomfort of your external genitalia, the best way to determine if labiaplasty is right for you is to meet with an experienced gynecological surgeon such as Dr. Brady.  During your consultation, she will answer any questions you may have and provide a comprehensive plan to achieve your desired results.  To get started, contact us today!

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