Will I Need Multiple BioTE Sessions in Order to Improve Hormonal Imbalance?

BioTE is an excellent way for Dallas women to get the bio-identical hormone replacement they need. It works great for women who are experiencing hormone deficiency symptoms such as lack of energy, low libido, trouble sleeping, and weight gain. By balancing out a woman’s hormone levels to normal levels, BioTE can eliminate these symptoms and help women feel healthier overall.

BioTE is not a one-and-done treatment. Women will need to have regular appointments with Dr. Brady in order to maintain their results. Otherwise, they risk having their symptoms return.

How Many BioTE Sessions Will I Need?

The BioTE pellet contains enough bio-identical hormones to last for about four months for the majority of our patients. It slowly releases the hormones according to a woman’s cardiac output levels, allowing women to maintain steady hormone levels without the roller coaster effects that you can see with hormone shots or pills. Once these hormones run out, it’s time to get another BioTE implant placed.

Because of this, most women can expect to get about three BioTE pellets placed a year. You will need to continue this replacement schedule for as long as you want to feel good. About 95% of our Dallas BioTE patients stay with the treatment on a long-term basis, so you can rest assured it’s safe and beneficial.

How Far Apart Should BioTE Sessions Be?

How far apart your BioTE sessions will depend on how active you are. As previously mentioned, the benefits of a hormone pellet on average last 4 months. However, if you’re an extremely active person who is always working out (triathlete), you may find your pellet only lasts three months. On the other hand, if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, your pellet may last up to six months.

To know exactly when the ideal time for replacement is, Dr. Brady will monitor your hormone levels during your first pellet placement. This will give her a good idea of how fast your body is using the hormones so you can return right around the time your pellet is completely dissolved.

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Unfortunately, if you decide to skip a BioTE treatment, you may find your symptoms return with a vengeance. BioTE doesn’t train your body to produce its own hormones, so you’ll find yourself in exactly the same position as you were before starting treatment.

Luckily, you can correct the associated recurrence of symptoms by having another pellet placed. Being a couple weeks or months late may result in a return of your symptoms, but under the care of Dr. Brady, you will be able to get your hormone levels back to within the ideal range in a few weeks.

Schedule Your BioTE Consultation in Dallas Now

Don’t let yourself continue to suffer from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Try the BioTE program and see the results for yourself.

To get started or learn more about BioTE, contact our Dallas office today by calling 214-347-7234.

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