5 Ways To Increase Sexual Pleasure For Women

Though sex can be had for procreation, increasing intimacy, etc., sex can also be incredibly fun! Yet, historically, women have not been encouraged to see sex as a pleasure-focused activity. Thankfully, times have changed; however, some women still have a hard time having a fun time. Here are five ways to increase sexual pleasure for women.

  •  Exercise 

It’s no secret that exercise can be incredibly valuable in nearly every aspect of your life. Sex is no different. With exercise helping to increase energy and aerobic capacity, lower heart and psychological stress, and decrease the chance of physical injury, all these elements are ingredients for better, more pleasurable sex.

Aside from these peripheral benefits from exercise, studies have also shown increased vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensitivity due to exercise!

  • Manage Stress

More than men, studies suggest women have psychological impediments that greatly impact pleasure during sex. That’s why it’s an important tool in the sexual-pleasure-toolbelt to help manage stress when it comes time to have sex. Some tricks you can use are to create an environment centered around relaxation such as lighting candles, a relaxing bath, or employing long-term stress management techniques like meditating.

  • Figure Out What You Like 

It’s hard to find pleasure when you aren’t sure what you find pleasurable! Creating a consistent dialogue with your body can help lower any anxiety around sex as well as decrease stress in general (when you’re focused on your pleasure it’s hard for stressors to occupy the mind!).

  • Communicate With Your Partner 

Once you know what you like, it’s helpful to communicate with your partner to do more of that. Or if you aren’t entirely sure, safe experimentation is bound to lead you to the answer. In any case, open and honest communication with your partner can also help with lowering levels of stress.

  • Get the G-Shot or the O-Shot

It’s no secret that the G-spot is an area that leads to tremendous pleasure for most women. Yet, sometimes there isn’t adequate stimulation or there can even be a loss of sensitivity over time. That’s why at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we provide the G-shot, a revolutionary shot administered in about five minutes, that increases the surface of the G-spot and leads to greater pleasure in a reported 87% of women. With results that last for months, the G-shot is G-reat for female pleasure!

We are also proud to offer the O-shot to promote easier and more frequent orgasms. This injectable treatment activates a natural healing response to help restore female sexual tissues. In general, it is a good option for women who are experiencing age-related intimate struggles. It is also ideal for those in good sexual health who want to enjoy enhanced sensation during sex.

Come into our Dallas office for a consultation! If you’re ready or have any questions, call us now! We’re ready to help at 214-442-0055!

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