What Can Laser Pigmentation Treatment Do?

If you’ve been dealing with hyperpigmentation, the uneven coloration on your skin, you know just how annoying it can be! With solutions ranging from creams and ointments, baking soda baths, and even milk being used as a touted treatment, home remedies just don’t seem to help (and if anything, they stink!). Thankfully, there’s a non-odorous method that takes only minutes: Laser pigmentation treatment.

What Is Hyperpigmentation? 

Before focusing on treatment and the specific effectiveness of laser pigmentation treatment, let’s take a look at just what hyperpigmentation is and the different types. First, hyperpigmentation isn’t necessarily a condition, it’s just a term that describes what happens when skin, typically in patches, looks darker.

Types of Hyperpigmentation

There are a few types of common hyperpigmentation:

  • Age Spots and Sun Spots; formed as a result of lifestyle or environmental factors that increase melanin, a dark brown pigment produced by the body.
  • Melasma; formed typically as a result of hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy or birth control medications.
  • Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation; formed when melanin production increases due to an injury or wound like acne scars.
  • Freckles; freckles are a form of hyperpigmentation. And, as most may guess, they’re formed genetically.

Can Laser Pigmentation Treatment Help?

Yes! The laser used by our team of nurses and doctors is a specialized laser designed to be strong enough to penetrate the layers of the skin to where melanin resides and break it up. Don’t worry though, not only are our team members trained and capable, the laser itself is state-of-the-art technology so no damage will occur to the surrounding tissue!

The whole process takes around five to 10 minutes on average and results can be seen in as little as one session. If you’re ready to put down the milk, creams, and ointments, then go ahead and make an appointment with the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas! Hyperpigmentation shouldn’t be causing you hyper-stress, especially when we’re just a phone call away. Call 214-347-7234 for information about a consultation and say hello to clearer, even-toned skin today!

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