Can Exercise Improve Vaginal Health?

With a resounding number of New Year’s Resolutions being going to the gym more often, there’s a definite desire to get our bodies moving. We all know the importance of exercise, it can have positive impacts on all systems of the body, from cardiovascular to pulmonary, not to mention the cognitive and mental health improvements, but can exercise help us when it comes to vaginal health? Keep reading to find out why the answer is yes.

How Can Exercise Help Vaginal Health? 

To begin with, there are specific exercises that can target the surrounding musculature. Pelvic floor exercises, better known as kegel exercises, help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the organs in your pelvis, from the bladder to the bowel and vagina. Not only does a weak pelvic floor lead to potential problems such as incontinence, but it can also result in reduced vaginal sensation during sex. If the pelvic floor muscles are not properly stretched, painful intercourse can occur.

However, it’s not just pelvic floor exercises that can help vaginal health. Exercise in general, when repeated and maintained, can lead to a variety of bodily improvements that ultimately impact the vagina. With exercise being proven to have tremendous regulatory effects on both hormonal health and circulatory system efficiency, your vagina is kept healthy and happy!

Can Exercising Hurt Vaginal Health? 

As is true with anything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! Excessive exercising can have negative effects on your vaginal health; however, excessive exercising will rarely only affect your vaginal health, but affect all your body’s symptoms. It is important to take a measured and healthy approach when concerning exercise.

Too much, exercise can negatively affect your vaginal health when it triggers irritation and yeast infections caused by improper hygiene or clothing! Here are some tips when it comes to vaginal health and exercise:

  1. Wear loose-fitting fitness shorts and underwear
    • Denying breathability can create a bacteria-favorable environment
  2. Wear cotton underwear instead of non-breathable material such as nylon
    • Same reason as above!
  3. Shower after exercise or, if no time, then change into dry and clean clothes
    • Exercise can cause sweat buildup and lead to humidity, keep clean is key to a healthy vagina with exercise

What Else Can I Do For Vaginal Health?

You can come into our Dallas office for a consultation! It’s never too late or too early to make sure you’re doing all you can when it comes to vaginal health! If you’re ready or have any questions, call us now! We’re ready to help at 214-347-7234

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