Do I Have Vaginismus?

Sex can be uncomfortable, cause discomfort, or even pain. In fact, nearly three out of four people with vaginas will experience painful penetrative sex at some point in their lives. Whether due to lack of desire, gynecological condition, or even medication-influenced reasons, in most cases the issue is only temporary and resolves with either time or minor interventions. However, there are some who experience long-term difficulty, not just with penetrative sex, but also with tampon utilization, or insertion of any kind. The issue can be compounded due to growing anxiety around penetration that prevents it outright. So, how do you know if what you have is vaginismus, and what can be done about it?

What Is Vaginismus? 

Vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the vagina that makes penetration incredibly difficult if not impossible. A common description amongst sufferers of vaginismus when describing an attempt at insertion is it is “like hitting a wall”. It can have psychological, such as past trauma or non-trauma related anxieties, or physical causes, such as due to hormonal changes or medications.

Again, the key distinguisher between vaginismus and a generalized tightening or difficulty with vaginal insertion is that vaginismus can happen even in non-sexual settings; for example, medical examinations. Sometimes a cause can be identified and sometimes one can’t be readily found. In either case, a prolonged dealing with tightness around the vagina that nearly or completely prevents vaginal insertion both during and out of sex, probably means you may be dealing with vaginismus.

What Can I Do If I Have Vaginismus? 

  • Stop Having Painful Sex
      • There is no need to continue to engage in something that hurts.
  • Talk To A Professional 
      • There are numerous trained people who are capable of diagnosing and coming up with a treatment plan!
  • Follow A Treatment Plan 
    • Vaginismus has a great response rate to treatment.

Can My Vaginismus Improve?

Yes! In fact, a study conducted in a clinical setting found 71% of vaginismus patients reported pain-free sex after just five weeks of a treatment plan. This number may be even higher for those who choose to undergo, not only the typical psychological and physical therapies but also Botox injections. The botox procedure is quick and once the follow-up treatment is followed, even people who have been unresponsive to the psychological and physical therapies have been shown to have pain-free sex!

What Can I Do Now About My Vaginismus?

Call us! We’re happy to help and bring our team’s decade-long experience, earned through thousands of surgeries and thousands of hours of work, to your particular case. For care, ease, and understanding call the Women’s Institute of Dallas at 214-544-9146!

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