Can I Combine Labia Augmentation With Vaginoplasty?

When a lot of Dallas women come to our office for help getting their ideal bodies, they may have multiple concerns. After all, no one is perfect, so it’s common to have a few different areas you may want to touch up.

In particular, a common question is whether or not patients can combine labia augmentation with vaginoplasty. Labia augmentation works to plump up the labia (the lips outside the vagina), while a vaginoplasty works to tighten and tone the vagina.

Both are excellent ways to help a woman feel more physically and emotionally comfortable during sex, and, luckily, they are two procedures that can definitely be combined. In fact, when you choose two or more treatments like this, the procedure is more appropriately called vaginal rejuvenation because you’ll experience full transformation both internally and externally optimizing both function and the aesthetic appearance.

How Labia Augmentation Works

Dr. Brady offers labia augmentation to Dallas women in the form of a Vampire Wing Lift. This procedure involves injecting the labia with a combination of dermal fillers and growth factors. The dermal fillers add volume and size to the labia, while the growth factors stimulate the production of collagen in your body, helping to naturally revitalize the area.

The goals of labia augmentation include:

    • A plumper and fuller appearance with fewer wrinkles and less sagging.
    • Pinker, more youthful appearing skin texture.
    • Increased blood flow, which may lead to increased sensation in the area.

How Vaginoplasty Works

A vaginoplasty, on the other hand, is a procedure that can help women who are suffering from a loose or sagging vagina due to childbirth or age. It involves reducing the width of the vagina by tightening the pelvic floor muscles. This pulls the vagina back into the correct alignment. The surgery targets the vaginal canal and opening as well, making them tighter to increase sexual gratification.

The goals of vaginoplasty include:

    • Increased pleasure during sex, as the smaller width of your vagina will allow more friction, muscle tone and control.
    • Eliminate the struggle to keep tampons in place.
    • Improved urinary incontinence and ease of bowel movements. While vaginoplasty is not an FDA approved surgery for stress urinary incontinence, most women report their symptoms are positively impacted when the pelvic floor muscles are replaced in their original location.
    • Decreased air movement at the vaginal opening eliminating unwanted vaginal flatus (queefing) during intercourse, yoga and standing.
    • Improved aesthetic appearance of the vagina. Patients request the vagina to be “tight, closed and pretty.”

Combining the Two

As you can see, combining both labia augmentation and vaginoplasty can completely transform a Dallas woman’s sexual health and wellness. She may experience more enjoyment during sex as well as feel far more comfortable in her own skin. Most women report improved self-confidence leading to more rewarding sexual experiences.

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Whether you’ve recently given birth to a child or are just concerned with the way your intimate areas are aging, Dr. Brady can help. She offers a number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures to help Dallas women improve their sexual health and overall well-being.

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