Benefits of the Vampire Wing Lift

Getting older or having a baby does not mean you have to sacrifice your young and youthful body. There are ways to stay firm and supple, especially in your most sensitive areas. In particular, a Vampire Wing Lift is a useful tool for women in the Dallas area who are uncomfortable with the ways in which their labia have changed over the years.

Dr. Brady has helped women all over the Dallas area achieve their ideal feminine look with the Vampire Wing Lift. It works by using a combination of dermal fillers and growth factors from your own blood to plump and revitalize your outer labial lips (called the labia majora). But what else can you gain from this procedure?

Here’s a quick overview of the main benefits you can expect from the Vampire Wing Lift:

Fills out the Labia

While everyone dreads wrinkles and creases on their faces, Dallas women also worry about sagging in their labia. Eventually, this can lead to a shriveled or lax appearance some women consider aesthetically unpleasant. A Vampire Wing Lift will fill out the labia to give them a plump, youthful appearance.

Improved Color

As the labia ages, blood flow to the area can be cut off, leading to skin that looks faded or graying. A Vampire Wing Lift improves blood flow to restore a youthful, pink color to the labia. Women report feeling confident and comfortable in the bedroom with their plump, supple labial aesthetic.

Increased Collagen Production

Collagen is an important building block in the skin. It’s a protein that provides structure to the labia. Without collagen, the skin of the labia might look dull and saggy. Through the injection of growth factors, a Vampire Wing Lift tells your body to make more collagen, helping to improve the appearance of the skin of the labia.

Entirely Nonsurgical

The Vampire Wing Lift is just a series of injections, so you don’t have to worry about having surgery or getting anesthesia. Instead, you’ll be in and out of the office in just a few minutes. In fact, the procedure is so simple that many women choose to have it done on the day of their initial consultation. There’s also no recovery — as long as you’re feeling fine, you can even have sex the same day.

Schedule Your Vampire Wing Lift Today

Are you sold on the benefits of the Vampire Wing Lift yet? It truly is a revolutionary procedure that has helped so many Dallas women feel more comfortable in their bodies.

To learn more or schedule your initial consultation, give us a call today at 214-347-7234.

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