Does the Vampire Wing Lift Improve Sexual Function?

As women grow older, the appearance of their labia can change on behalf of factors such as aging, genetics, pregnancy, and childbirth. While these aesthetic changes to the labia may not directly impact sexual function, they may cause some women to feel more self-conscious and less confident about their bodies and sexuality. A Vampire Wing Lift can help women who want to restore the appearance of their labia and feel happier and more confident about their intimate appearance.

What Is a Vampire Wing Lift and Who Can Benefit?

A Vampire Wing Lift is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can restore and rejuvenate the labia. This procedure is ideal for women whose labia may be loose, sagging, and dull in color. A Vampire Wing Lift may also be ideal for women who are generally dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia and want to achieve a more youthful-looking anatomy.

What’s the Link Between Sexual Function and a Vampire Wing Lift?

A woman’s sexual function can be affected by a wide range of factors — many of which are psychological in nature. Stress, anxiety, self-consciousness, concern about sexual performance, and lack of confidence and self-esteem are some factors that can contribute to sexual dysfunction in women. Like many other cosmetic procedures, a Vampire Wing Lift can indirectly restore sexual function and help women feel sexier by increasing self-confidence.

What Happens During a Vampire Wing Lift in Dallas?

Women in Dallas who want a Vampire Wing Lift can receive this treatment from Dr. Brady and her expert nursing staff— she is the only female Cosmetic Gynecologist in Dallas and one of the few specialists nationwide who are trained to perform this procedure. The dermal filler injections used in a Vampire Wing Lift help restore shape, volume, and firmness to the labia, while a healing formula made from the patient’s blood helps accelerate the body’s healing process. A Vampire Wing Lift can improve blood flow to the labia to brighten its color, stimulate natural collagen production, tighten and tone the skin of the labia, and contribute to a more defined appearance.

Women who choose Dr. Brady’s practice to perform the Vampire Wing Lift will benefit from little to no downtime or discomfort, and they can return to work or resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. Results are noticeable immediately, though patients achieve optimal results in three months. When patients follow up 3 months after their initial Vampire Wing Lift, they will view photos and request additional volume if desired. Effects last for approximately one year, after which patients can return to Dr. Brady in Dallas for another treatment.

Feel Better About Your Intimate Appearance With a Vampire Wing Lift in Dallas

A Vampire Wing Lift has changed many women’s lives in the Dallas area. After the procedure, many women report feeling more confident and as a result note improvement in their sex lives.

Want to find out if you’re a candidate for this procedure? Schedule your appointment now by calling 214-347-7234 or request a consultation online.

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