Have You Considered Getting Mona Lisa Touch?

Throughout women’s’ lives, their bodies undergo spectacular changes—some of which are welcome and some of which are not. Whether brought about by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, estrogen deficiencies, or other changes in medical condition, much of what relates to these bodily changes concerns our most womanly organ: the vagina. When a woman’s vagina begins to deteriorate in condition, it can truly upset the balance of her life, from physical discomfort and pain to emotional rifts in relationships as a result of a lackluster sex life.

If you find yourself experiencing the more unpleasant physical or even emotional and sexual side effects of these life transitions within your vaginal region, the vaginal rejuvenation therapy known as Mona Lisa Touch may just be a solution.

How This Procedure Might Help You

For many women suffering from vaginal atrophy, pain, looseness, dryness, burning, and itching, as well as urinary tract infections (UTIs) and incontinence, MonaLisa Touch has proven an effective treatment option for restoring patients’ vaginas closer to their natural state by stimulating the collagen and healthy tissue production in the vaginal walls with a laser treatment probe, treating any damage or deficiencies caused by a lack of estrogen.

With this minimally invasive procedure (which requires no downtime whatsoever), the patient’s vagina experiences renewed elasticity and natural lubrication, greatly reducing or even eliminating daily pain and discomfort and making sexual intercourse enjoyable again. MonaLisa Touch is also a good procedure for women experiencing these symptoms who have a family history of breast cancer and have consequently been advised by their physician against taking hormone replacement therapy treatments for their estrogen loss.

While the MonaLisa Touch procedure may not completely reverse the effects of aging and hormonal changes, it can do a lot to help alleviate, treat, and reduce the majority of the most negative symptoms. The ability it gives women to have sex again without pain is also highly beneficial to a patient’s sexual wellbeing, allowing them to continue to participate in the sexual side of their relationship and maintain that special relationship bond with their partner.

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When it comes to making important decisions regarding your healthcare, you should always be aware of all of your treatment options first. Contact our office today to set up a consultation appointment with one of our dedicated and professional medical personnel members to discuss Mona Lisa Touch and other services that Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas can provide for you.

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