How MonaLisa Touch® Is Changing The Lives Of Breast Cancer Survivors

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating enough.  When you factor in the side effects that accompany breast cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation (and those are just two of many), the results can be quite a blow to the physical health and overall well-being of the patient.  One specific side effect many women who are treated for breast cancer experience that falls into our particular arena is vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal atrophy is the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls.  These physical changes most often lead to burning, painful intercourse, and in some severe cases, discomfort or pain when simply sitting down.  Vaginal atrophy is directly linked to the decrease in estrogen, which is why it’s also common in post-menopausal women.  Because breast cancer shares a common denominator with estrogen, these women are often unable to receive conventional hormonal therapies to relieve these debilitating symptoms.  Here’s where MonaLisa Touch comes in…

Touted by some breast cancer patients who have received this non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment as “life changing”, MonaLisa Touch is truly a game-changer.  It’s a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal tissue that revitalizes the cells in the vaginal mucosa (vaginal tissue) so that they make more collagen, an essential ingredient in vaginal cell health. MonaLisa Touch has helped many breast cancer survivors enjoy complete relief from symptoms they suffer from every day, thus increasing their quality of life, restoring their intimate relationships, and boosting their confidence.

At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, our all-female staff is dedicated to improving the lives of women. Dr. Wesley Brady has years of experience and would gladly discuss your options and a treatment plan that accomplishes your goals and addressed your individual needs.  To schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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