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Labiaplasty: The “New” Kid On The Cosmetic Block

By now, many people are familiar with cosmetic gynecology procedures such as labiaplasty.  However, if this lingo is new to you, a labiaplasty is, quite literally, a nip tuck for your lady parts, specifically the labia minora.  The procedure is designed to sculpt and reshape long or uneven labia that are a result of various factors such as childbirth, the aging process and gravity.  Though labiaplasty is thought to be mostly a cosmetic procedure, there are other advantages such as increasing physical comfort during exercise and intercourse, as well as alleviating the embarrassment some women feel when wearing certain clothing like bathing suits, leggings and jeans.

As one can imagine, there was some confusion among the general public when labiaplasty hit the scene, but the fact is, the more awareness that began to be created, the more the female population embraced the idea, if not for aesthetic reasons, then for the other advantages discussed above.  In fact, this procedure (and even vaginoplasty) isn’t quite as ‘new’ as people think.  In 1975, Dr. James Burt discussed performing these procedures in his book Surgery of Love.  It wasn’t until roughly around the year 2000 that vaginal rejuvenation became more widespread and openly discussed.  In 2011, the British Journal of Medicine surveyed a group of women, and 40% of them said they’d like to undergo the procedure.  Here in the United States, the number of surgeons performing labiaplasty increased from 21% to 29% in the last year alone – and those are only the surgeons we know about.
The takeaway here is that vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic gynecology is now a thing, and it’s legitimate.  Women are more self aware than ever and more in touch with their bodies, their sexuality and their overall well-being.  In our Dallas all-women practice, our cosmetic gynecology patients are among the most satisfied, reporting an increase in confidence, sex drive and general happiness.
Dr. Brady was among the first surgeons to train for, perform and offer her patients cosmetic gynecology, dating back nearly a decade now.  She’s helped countless Dallas/Fort Worth women, and women from all over the country, reclaim their youth and confidence by providing the highest standard of care and superior results!