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Post-Op Pro Tips: How To Have A More Pleasant Surgical Recovery

Prepping for your upcoming cosmetic gynecological surgery takes thoughtful planning.  From carefully researching your surgeon and facility to the Big Day, it certainly is a process – and planning your surgical recovery is an equally important task to check off the list. Consider some of these pointers to make for a smoother, more comfortable recovery.
• Make sure you have all the necessary post-operative materials and follow them completely.  Your surgeon has your best interests at heart and crafts these post-op materials to optimize your recovery process and your results.  Adhere to the guidelines by wearing loose-fit cotton clothing and “grannie panties” as well as using ice packs or frozen peas on your incisions to minimize swelling, discomfort and bruising.
•  Summon your support system.  Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty are elective procedures, but they are surgeries nonetheless.  Make sure you have someone around to help out with your needs, help out with the kids and help out around the house for the first 2-4 days.
•  Keep your pain level minimized.  In the case that you should require pain management in the form of narcotics, be sure you’re taking them regularly and as prescribed.  Often, people will pop a pain pill when the level of discomfort becomes too great, but by the time this occurs, you’re already setting yourself back to square one and will likely require more medicine to get the pain back to a manageable level.  Set a reminder to take your meds as directed by your surgeon.
All of us at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas are committed to the well-being of our patients and doing everything we can to provide a most positive experience!