How To: Preparing For Your Cosmetic Gynecology Consultation

So you’ve done your research, made the leap and scheduled your consultation for vaginal rejuvenation - good for you!  In order to play an active role in our healthcare, being a properly prepared patient is a must.  Knowing what to expect and what your goals are will only heighten your overall experience and help to ensure it’s a positive one.  We’ve come up with a few pointers to make the most of your cosmetic gynecology consultation.

- Timing is everything!  Be sure you’ve scheduled the appropriate amount of time out of your day in order to avoid feeling rushed so that all of the necessary information and talking points can be covered when you meet with the doctor.

- Don’t skimp on the paperwork!  Though the intake and medical history forms can seem tedious, it’s very important to be detailed and accurate when filling them out.  Your healthcare provider needs to know your health history, surgical history and any medications you might be taking to give you the correct recommendations and perform your procedure safely.  If your physician offers online printable forms, take advantage of them!  That way, you’re more likely to take your time and thoughtfully complete the necessary information.

- Make a checklist!  Writing down all your questions before your consultation is a great way to make sure everything gets covered.  Many people feel overwhelmed at the doctor’s office and there is so much info to take in, it’s easy to forget some of those important questions you wanted to discuss.

- Check the office’s website one last time!  Reviewing the information your physician has put on their website will also help prepare you for the meeting with the doctor.  Most physicians want to educate their patients and will provide a wealth of information such as frequently asked questions, in-depth explanations of the procedures they perform and more.

These are a few of the basic tips to help patients gain the most out of their appointment with the doctor.  At Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we enjoy seeing our patients actively participating in their care - it’s rewarding for them and for us.  Dr. Brady provides our patients with all the necessary information to make educated, informed choices.  Remember, when you and your healthcare provider work as a team, everybody wins!

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