Vaginal Rejuvenation: Before and After

Vaginal rejuvenation is a collection of surgical and non-surgical procedures that canhelp women be happier with the way that they look, feel, and experience sex.Treatments range in their purpose, fromfirming up lax skin around the vaginal openingto improving sexual sensation by tightening the vagina to helping women orgasm moreeasily and more often.

Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas uses well-established vaginal rejuvenationtechniques to restore patients’ bodies following changes related to childbirth, aging, andgenetics. Our practice is the only physician-led office in the city that specializes incosmetic gynecology and sexual health.

Our director, Dr. Wesley Anne Brady, brings more than 20 years of experience to thecare of our patients. She and our staff recognize that many women are new to treatmentfor these concerns. For this reason, we have designed each patient visit to besupportive, open, and informative.

Our highest priorities are our patients’ comfort, confidence, safety, and satisfaction bothbefore and after the procedures. Therefore we strive to help guide each patient throughthe process, keeping them completely informed with details about the procedure frompreparation & recovery to the cost of the procedure.

A Single Surgery to Help Women Look and Feel Their Best

Many patients choose to have labiaplasty for aesthetic reasons. They aren’thappy withthe way their loose labial skin looks, and they feel less confident in their appearanceand in intimate situations. Labiaplasty offers a firmer, younger appearance.

Alternatively, about half of the patients who come to Women’s Wellness Institute ofDallas for labiaplasty decide to have the procedure to resolve their discomfort. Asexamples:

  • They may experience irritation or uncomfortable bulging when wearing certainclothes, like a thong or yoga pants.
  • They might not be able to enjoy their favorite activities, like horseback riding orspin.
  • Sagging labial skin may interfere with intercourse or personal hygiene. Patientsmay have to move this tissue out of the way during sex or adjust this skin whenplacing a tampon.

Surgery revises the sagging labial skin in a way that resolves irritation, frees patients towear and do what they want, and increases the pleasure of intimacy.

Exploring Options with Labiaplasty

Each patient will begin with an initial consultation at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. During this visit, Dr. Brady will take the time to get to know her and to learnabout her goals.

Dr. Brady will also perform a physical examination, during which patients can show hertheir specific areas of concern. Labiaplasty can address the inner (minora) labial lips,the outer (majora) labial lips, or both. Because our practice has extensive experience inlabiaplasty procedures, patients also have the opportunity to look through a variety ofbefore and after photos to get a sense of the results they can expect.

See Before and After Photos from Happy Labiaplasty Patients

Labiaplasty of the Minora

Labiaplasty of the Majora

For more information about what to expect before and after the Labiaplasty procedure, please visit our Labiaplasty page.


A woman’s vagina can widen and stretch as a result of childbirth or the passage of time. Dr. Brady performs vaginoplasty to reduce the diameter of a woman’s vaginal canal and opening. This tightens the vagina in a way that improves sensation and friction for a patient and her sexual partner.

While vaginal rejuvenation is the main goal of this procedure, Dr. Brady often combinesthe surgery with techniques to address incontinence. Many of our Dallas patients haveexperienced loss of bladder and bowel control following childbirth. As a result ofsurgery, they achieve an improved sex life and a better overall quality of life.

See Before and After Photos from Happy Vaginoplasty Patients

A better sex life.

With a single surgery, women can restore the sensitivity and friction that they and their partner enjoyed earlier in their relationship. The degree of tightening they will experience will be based on extensive consultation with Dr. Brady. Typically, the procedure returns them to the tightness they had after having intercourse for the first time but before childbirth.

Improved comfort.

When the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening have increased, women may find that tampons do not stay in place, that their vagina makes unwanted noise during sex and other physical activities, and that they have decreased tone and a feeling of looseness. Vaginoplasty can correct these issues.

Return to dating.

A woman who is re-entering the dating pool at a later stage of life may want to get back the confidence she had before her body changed. Vaginoplasty can let her feel more youthful and open to intimacy with a new partner.

Better control over urination and bowel movements.

Incontinence can be a major struggle for women after childbirth. Bladder and rectal prolapse can prevent them from having normal urination and bowel movements. Dr. Brady can fix pelvic organ prolapse at the same time as a vaginoplasty, and the procedure may be covered by the patient’s insurer.

For more information about what to expect before and after the Vaginoplasty procedure,please visit our Vaginoplasty Page.


Votiva is a non-surgical approach to tightening the vaginal opening and canal and to firming up the skin of the outer labia. The Votiva device uses radiofrequency energy to promote collagen development, which can reduce laxity in the tissue. This quick, non-invasive procedure also improves urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and orgasmic function.

Dr. Brady may recommend Votiva for patients who have mild to moderate looseness in the labial skin or vagina. Women often choose to start with this type of non-invasive approach since there’s no downtime with treatment. Patients have three sessions spaced four to six weeks apart and can expect to see maximum improvement three months following the final visit. An annual maintenance treatment is recommended.

See Before and After Photos from Happy Votiva/Thermiva Patients

What to Expect with Votiva

Most of our patients choose to have their first Votiva treatment on the same day as their initial consultation. We will take special steps to create a welcoming environment for each woman in our care:

  • Votiva treatments are performed in our procedure room, where we can offer a selection of music and other amenities to help pass the time. Many women catch-up on emails, check Instagram or finish a favorite podcast during their procedure.
  • A session will take about thirty minutes and is completely painless
  • Following Votiva treatment, patients can resume their normal activities withoutany necessary ice packs or ointments. The only restriction is to avoid submergingin hot water for 2 days.
  • As with any non-invasive procedure, there is a small chance of side effects aftertreatment such as soreness, swelling or bruising, but this is rare and usuallyresolves within a few days.

The practice prefers to schedule the second and third treatment sessions before thepatient leaves at the end of her first session. Three months after the third session,women can expect optimalresults when the treated areas look and feel firmer. Treatedlabial skin should have less laxity, and patients who have an internal treatment in theirvaginal canal and vaginal opening should have improved sensation and feel morefriction during intimacy.A single annual maintenance treatment will help patients tocontinue to enjoy the benefits the benefits of Votiva.

For more information about what to expect before and after Votiva treatments, pleasevisit our Votiva page.

The O - Shot

The O-Shot is a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation option which can allow women to achieve orgasms more often and with greater ease. The treatment is applied to the clitoris externally and G-Spot internally. Getting older doesn’t have to mean the end of great sex.

The O-Shot is based on the benefits of PRP (Platelet Reduced Plasma)*and advanced growth factor techniques. The treatment increases sexual sensation by concentrating and injecting a woman’s own growth and healing factors. This form of vaginal rejuvenation is natural, non-invasive, and an ideal option for women who feel that their sexual sensitivity has diminished and are ready to make a change.

What to Expect with the O - Shot

Patients will receive treatment at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. We can often give an O-Shot on the same day as the initial consultation.

Welcome. A visit will usually last about 40 minutes. We will invite the patient into our treatment room, where the process will begin with a standard blood draw. This step will allow us to collect the growth factors for creating the patient’s O-Shot.

O-Shot preparation. Next, we will transfer the blood to our centrifuge. The results from any of these advanced treatments, whether it’s for cartilage restoration or oral surgery, depend on the quality of the equipment. Higher-grade machines make it possible to spinout and separate a larger number of growth factors. Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas uses a hospital-grade centrifuge to give our patients the best results possible.

Application. Patients will receive a strong numbing ointment on the vaginal opening, the anterior wall of the vagina where the G-spot is located, and the clitoris. We gently make injections into each of these areas. The experience is mild enough that patient scan return to their regular activities immediately after the visit. There are no restrictions following an O-Shot.

Our patients can expect to see the full results of their treatment within three months. Their tissue should become healthier and more sensitive, and their sexual response should be more easily triggered. Most of the women we treat come for follow-up injections with the O-Shot every six to eighteen months, with the majority coming in closer to once a year. Patients may require up to three O-Shot treatments to achieve their desired results.

MonaLisa Touch

As women age through menopause, they may experience vaginal tightness and burning, both of which can make sex extremely painful or even prevent women from having intercourse at all. MonaLisa Touch® is a non-surgical approach to vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Brady provides this treatment option to help women resolve the pain and bleeding they may experience due to vaginal dryness thereby improving the quality of their sex life.

MonaLisa Touch is a small device that applies fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal tissues. The treatment encourages the development of new collagen and improves the blood supply to these tissues. As a result, the skin becomes softer, more pliant, and natural lubrication is restored. Patients have three treatments once every four to six weeks and see the maximum improvement around three months afterward. A single yearly treatment helps them maintain the benefits.

See Before and After Photos from Happy Mona Lisa Touch Patients

What to Expect with MonaLisa Touch

A patient’s experience with Mona Lisa Touch will differ depending on whether she has treatment on the inside of her vagina or the outside around the vulva.

Receiving an internal treatment will be similar to having an annual examination with an OB-GYN. The MonaLisa device will be carefully inserted and deliver pulses of energy. Most of our patients describe the sensation as something like a vibration followed by a puff of air. This is because women don’t have many nerve endings that deep into the vagina. Treatment will take about 5 minutes.

If a patient decides to have treatment on the outside around the vulva, we will apply a strong lidocaine ointment about 30 minutes before using the Mona Lisa Touch device. The sensation on the outer skin will be more noticeable, something like the snapping of a rubber band. Sessions will only take about five minutes, and our patients tend to tolerate the experience very well.

For more information about what to expect before and after the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, please visit our Mona Lisa Touch Page.

"I am 43 and a 7 year breast cancer survivor. I am so grateful for my health, but the more time that goes by, the further I am pushed into menopause. Intercourse with my husband had become more and more painful, and I had been putting off having the Mona Lisa procedure done for a while – but I finally decided to try it. My ob/gyn recommended Dr. Brady. I have now had all 3 treatments done (which is recommended the first year), and my ONLY regret is that I had not done this sooner!!! I was so worried that it would hurt, but after reading reviews, I trusted in the process and I’m so glad I did. I feel like I owe it to women out there to write this review, to pay it forward! I had a female nurse perform the procedure each time – the same lady the first two times, and then a different one the third time – and they were both SO AMAZING. They talked me through what was about to happen, and were so gentle and understanding. They answered all of my questions, and I had a lot! Now my husband is so grateful that I went – and I will be returning every year for my maintenance. If you are reading this and wondering whether it could help you, I am telling you it can!"


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Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas continues to add new vaginal rejuvenation options to its services based on emerging research and technology. We invite you to learn more about care with our practice and to discuss your goals with Dr. Brady.

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