Thermiva® For Vaginal Rejuvenation: Your 411

For many women, following childbirth or even as a result of aging, a noticeable change occurs in the vagina and vaginal structures.  Loose vaginal tissue and unsatisfactory or painful intercourse are some of the changes they experience – and their sexual partners may  experience this as well.  These changes can cause embarrassment and even tension in intimate relationships.  The good news is there are now options to remedy these uncomfortable issues!  This is where Vaginal Rejuvenation comes in.

Dr. Brady is proud to be the first cosmetic gynecologist to offer Vaginal Rejuvenation to women in and around Dallas using a technology called ThermiVa®.  ThermiVa® uses thermal energy technology to precisely target and tighten underlying tissues. During treatment, the targeted vaginal tissue is heated with radiofrequency until shrinking in the tissue occurs and the desired results are achieved.  Because of this radiofrequency technology, ThermiVa® is a wonderful way to achieve vaginal tightening without surgery.  This treatment has also been shown to improve other vaginal issues such as dryness and mild incontinence and can even improve orgasms.  Another perk is that the treatment itself is quite comfortable.  In fact, many patients say the treatment feels like a “gentle massage”.  We recommend a series of three 30-minute treatments to achieve the desired results.

So, how do you know if you’re a candidate for ThermiVa®?  Good question!  The best way to determine this is to meet with Dr. Brady at our all-female staffed facility for a consultation.  Together, you can discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them.  At your consultation and subsequent visits to Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, you can expect the compassionate, best-in-class care that we so proudly offer.  Our goal is to assist you and facilitate the optimal processes to help you be your best version of you – and to get your groove back.  Ladies, it’s time to get intimate again!

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"I loved the care and attentiveness Dr. Brady and her staff showed me throughout the entire process. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I could not be happier! I am beyond satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Brady and her staff to anyone looking for 5 star service with a strong female vibe."

– C.B. Dallas, TX


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