What Is A Thermal Energy Treatment?

As women go through life, it can take a toll on their body in various ways. Whether you have given birth, have a medical condition, or are entering your golden years, you may have found that the miraculous reproductive organ that is your vagina just doesn’t feel or function the same as it once did. When patients realize this, they often turn to vaginal rejuvenation in an effort to restore health and pleasure to their vagina.

Thermal energy treatment is one such method of vaginal rejuvenation. It is a non-surgical procedure in which light or radiofrequency waves are used to heat the internal vaginal or external labia regions for the purposes of stimulating collagen production and tightening the vulvovaginal tissues treated areas.

Thermal energy treatments are performed using a single-use, wand-like device that delivers controlled doses of thermal energy to the area being treated, whether that is the labia or the vagina. Anesthesia is not required for this procedure because thermal energy treatments are relatively comfortable, producing sensations often described as being reminiscent of a massage using warm stones.

How Thermal Energy Treatments Can Help with Women’s Health

These types of treatments are often recommended for patients experiencing the after-effects of childbirth, urinary incontinence, menopause, vaginal dryness, and other conditions affecting their vaginal health, sexual sensations, and even appearance.

The best candidates for thermal energy treatments are women who are not pregnant, are not currently menstruating, do not have any signs of bladder or vaginal infection, are not experiencing severe pain in their vagina or pelvis, and may be experiencing difficulties with vaginal flatulence or tampons staying in, or may have perceived a difference in penetration sensations during foreplay or sexual intercourse.

In the course of three separate treatments given over a three-month period, this process can reduce symptoms of incontinence and vaginal dryness that particularly affect women as they age, in addition to the sexual benefits of tightened vaginal tissue, an increase in sensitivity and satisfaction, an enhanced aesthetic appearance in terms of the labia and vagina, and an overall improved sexual function.

Learn More about Thermal Energy Treatments and Other Treatment Options with Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

Our friendly, empathetic, and caring staff have the medical experience and qualifications to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier you. We provide a wealth of informational resources to our patients, and we’re more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns about thermal energy treatments, as well as any of the procedures that we offer.

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