Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vajazzling: Now Vagina Steaming

Now more than ever women are taking care of themselves from head to toe and paying special attention to all the details in between. When it comes self-care and grooming there isn’t anything that is left unattended on our bodies, especially during the summer months where the shorts get shorter and the bikinis get smaller. From long-time norms such as skin, nail and hair care, to more recently popular trends including gluten free diets, juicing, and even vaginal “facials”; we as a society (and especially as women) are continuously working to look and feel better about ourselves. Sometimes, this means a little extra pampering, from steaming to surgery. And why not? We deserve it.

Though the increasing aesthetic focus on our vaginas has emerged and escalated in recent years, there is now a booming amount of treatments that make their way into our news feed pretty regularly.  Women are more in tune with their bodies and their sexuality, and we’re all making it a priority to look and feel our best.  Although we’re experts in Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty, there are so many more offerings available to women today. Women now more than ever before are doing whatever it takes to stay fresh, tight and feel beautiful and confident about their genitalia. One of the most recent trends in feminine care that came through our radar is vagina steaming (or v-steaming).

The v-steam, seemingly a new thing in pop culture, is actually a treatment that stems from ancient Korean traditions.  In short, women squat or sit over steaming water infused with herbs that are supposed to dilate blood vessels, increase circulation, and relax the pelvic floor muscles (if you’d like to read about one woman’s experience with the v-steam {as shown in the photo above}, check out this article in Medical Daily).  This may sound like a relaxing sauna for your lady bits, but it’s important to consider the safety aspects of such treatments.  For example, if the steam is too hot, you can actually burn the sensitive vaginal skin – ouch! But if done correctly, it’s said to relieve everything from menstrual pain to irregular periods. Hmmm…

At the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we have some tried and true methods for showing your vagina some love and attention.  Procedures such as Labiaplasty, Vaginal Rejuvenation, MonaLisa Touch, and vaginal peels are popular among our Dallas patients.  Dr. Wesley Anne Brady and our all-female staff are dedicated to the health and wellness of the female body.

To learn more about these treatments and procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brady to discuss your specific goals and what options are available to you!

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