Common Medications That Cause Sexual Side Effects

Sexual Side Effects

Although there are many things that can impact a woman’s sexual health, many overlook the potential that some of the issues they experience may be a result of the medications that they take. Several over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and herbal supplements can cause sexual side effects. Here is what you need to know.

Common Medications That Cause Sexual Side Effects

Even though medications are designed to treat various health conditions and illnesses, they can have side effects that are concerning. For some women, sexual side effects are all too common. Each different type of medication can cause different side effects.


Antidepressants are well-documented for causing an array of sexual side effects for women:

  • Around 42 percent of women who take various serotonin reuptake inhibitors experience problems achieving orgasm.
  • Around 83 percent of women experience problems with sexual arousal.
  • Around 72 percent of women experience problems with sexual desire while taking these medications.


Antihistamines can negatively impact a woman’s sexual desire. As a result, women who take these medications may have problems achieving orgasm. They are also more likely to experience vaginal dryness, which can cause pain during intercourse.


The use of antibiotics can lead to yeast infections. This is due to the fact that these medications are designed to kill off bacteria in the vagina that wards off this common problem. As a result, women can experience PH imbalances, which can cause pain and discomfort during sexual activity.

Cancer Medications

Medications commonly used to treat cancer, such as chemotherapy, can lower estrogen levels. It can also cause vaginal dryness and primary ovarian insufficiency.

If you are experiencing sexual side effects from your medication, it is highly advisable that you reach out to our knowledgeable professionals for guidance.

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